Kerry’s BBQ

Skinny and I rolled to Kerry’s this past Saturday. Here’s a little video I filmed while catching a mean buzz. Can’t wait till the next BBQ. “Have no fear skateboarding and beer.”
Cheers! The picture above is Phil & Kerry and yes Phil cut his hair.

18 thoughts on “Kerry’s BBQ

  1. that’s the kind of ramp an 8 year old would have in his yard, not a pro. c’mon kerry don’t be scared

  2. can someone tell me what type of water kyle is drinking, cause he gets fucking better every day

  3. mustardstache, if you were actually a pro skater (which your not). would you want to come home after killing the streets to some megaramp in your back yard ? probably not. that ramp is bangin kerry is the nicest dude ever, to have the balls to talk shit is the stupidest thing ever. go back in your little wharehouse that isnt even built right, we’ll be in the streets.

  4. if jh was a pro skater, which… well i dont really know, ill just say hes not, he would be skating the mega ramp and the “wharehouse” and the streets. we’ll be lurkin the streets

  5. Having a mini ramp is better than not having one, but if I had one, I would’a made the transitions way tighter.

  6. If one person had a hamburger there’d be lettuce and tomato on it. If somebody else had one there’d be bacon and cheddar. If I had one it’d be a veggieburger. Why does one person’s transition preference have to be everyone else’s?

  7. Who gives a fuck…Just skate and quit bitching on the internet…I built the ramp and it was how KG wanted it..he paid for it.. the ramp is rad..Has anyone ever heard of variety..Skate everything..When you all are building YOUR OWN ramp..then build it how you want it..steep, flat..unskateable..Do YOU..that’s what it comes down too..CRY OR TRY…SKATE OR DIY..

  8. Phil, you didn’t know there are rules to skateboarding? Everything has to be exactly what the peanut gallery says, or it sucks, and it isn’t legit. It all must be up to spec especially if you are pro. It’s in the handbook, section 8-9.21.0. Fun is allowed, but monitored and watched severely.

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