Patrick Kerr Skateday

roslyn088_1Patrick Kerr Skatepark is done . Show up and lets skate for Patrick and all are fallen skaters.Helmets required.

10 thoughts on “Patrick Kerr Skateday

  1. Helmets Required? Great excuse for the cops to show up and harrass us. People are fucking idiots. They make up rules because they think, oh, helmets are good. They probably have never skated before in their life. Fuck helmets.

  2. I can’t believe you are all bitching about having to wear a fucking helmet. Its a sick park that they’re letting you skate for free. Cool, just complain and don’t go. More room for me! I’ll see you there Todd2.

  3. Eye think some municipalities require helmets at skateparks, because it’s the closest they can make skateboarding look like a sport. Sometimes people don’t understand art. Just my opinion.

    JNim has a philosophy that if somebody’s going to get hurt, it should happen inside the park, rather than outside. With that said, a skatepark needs to be as attractive as possible to skaters.

  4. Its a helmet. Jesus. People will bitch about absolutely anything. Be glad that’s all you have to wear. It’s a small price to pay to have something cool to shred. But Matkins is right..if you hate helmets..DON’T GO. Stay home and bitch while the rest of us are shredding.

  5. I used to hate helmets but at 38 I’ve had enough raps to the skull to last me. My old helmet has a deep gash in it from a screw that was sticking up in a mini. Better it than me. Also, it’s a cement park. Not very forgiving.

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