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pops_jesseAgain Pops is getting good press! Thanks to Dana Kerr for the link. Jesse, Exit, volunteers and funders we have you to thank, oh yeah and the neighborhood! Let’s hope more neighborhoods see this small gem as a great idea for their destroyed playgrounds. As it stands POPS and FDR are the best public space skating we have. Now is the time for FPSF to give us an update on how the Paine’s Park is coming along. Please, anyone with updates, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We deserve to know what’s going on… It’s been way way too long.

Pops Article

*UPDATE: Please visit Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund to learn more, make a donation or to find out how you can get involved in a variety of skateboard related projects in the Philadelphia area. Details are still being ironed out but we learned from this discussion that FPSF will be holding an event at North Bowl on March 27th from 5-8pm.


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  1. This is great!

    Things are in the works for this year, I assure you it all takes time to plan and fund raise but good things are developing for this year!
    The Gear for GROMS Program http://www.gearforgroms.com is looking for volunteers as we plan to expand that programing as well.
    As for new spots, rebuilds and update on the plaza expect something in the next couple of months. Great things are happening!

  2. As a co-founder of FPSF and a designer for the Paine’s Park it hurts the project’s reputation that when Kerry Getz and other influential members in the skate community ask me for an update and I have nothing to share.

    To quote the above article, “Miller also has served on the board of the Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Project, which was created by Mayor John Street in 2002 when he closed LOVE Park to skateboarders and said a multimillion-dollar, world-class skate park would be built behind the Art Museum.

    Seven years later: no skate park.

    For Miller, the lesson from Tiptop and Franklin’s Paine is: Don’t involve the government. DIY: Do It Yourself.”

    By the way, Mayor Street did not create FPSF.

  3. Honestly, it isn’t hurting anyone that we continue to work hard and things take a long time when your talking about paine’s park.

    But, in 2009, we put thousands of dollars into Pop’s (which makes the article today’s negative spin on FP kind of silly) and Roslyn/Patrick Kerr to get those projects completed and operational. We also funded Gear for Groms to help get kid’s skateboarding programs running more often with better equipment in the spots that are coming up around the city.

    We aren’t going to get Paine’s Park built tomorrow, but it continues to inch forward and everyone knows that I and anyone at Franklin’s Paine is more than happy to talk with ANYONE WHO ASKS about the details of the Paine’s Park project.

    Need a complete accounting of funds raised and spent on various projects and programs- JUST ASK! We are a tax-exempt organization who’s records are open to the public and many of our federal disclosure forms are even available online. The office number and address is on the website if you would like to call or drop by and see what we’re up to.

    …Or call me, Josh Nims, personally at 215-713-5553 and ask me all the tough questions you’ve got on your mind. I have been working on this for nearly ten years now and we have never given up on it, never hid under a rock when challenged, and never denied anyone money or assistance at FDR, Pop’s, Whitehall, etc. whenever asked and there were resources available.

  4. While well-intentioned, as time passes, Paine’s Park seems more and more unrealistic; especially in this desperate economy. Spending $5 million dollars on a skatepark or skate plaza just seems crazy to me. And spending that kind of money on something as trifling as skateboarding in a city with rampant poverty and crime makes it seem even crazier.

    I think the city would be better off with a few small, inexpensive parks like POPS. Or even better, the city should just allow skateboarders to improve vacant, paved spaces with whatever terrain they wish to build there (e.g., FDR and Burnside).

  5. Great! So while we are on the subject of Paine’s Park, the website says that 75% of the funding is in place. Exactly how much more do you need to break ground? When can we expect an event to raise awareness about the remaining 25%? This is what people want to know. And lastly I heard the park was studied and redesigned to be constructed at a lower cost. Is this true and won’t this info help wrap up the remaining funds? The above comments do not challenge the legal activity of FPSF in any way. Not sure why Josh went off on that tear.

  6. This is Claire Laver writing (the Executive Director of Franklin’s Paine). For several months, FPSF has been working hard to find ways to shrink the budget of Paine’s Park without compromising the aesthetic, integrity, or skateability of the design. We’ve engaged architects and engineers to revisit the plans and specs, and in the next few weeks, we will conduct a geotechnical study of the ground to fully understand our foundation needs. We’re hoping that our new number will fall in the $4.6M-$5M range (vs. $7M). We currently have $3.5M secured for the project (these are funds that can only be engaged to build Paine’s, not other potential parks around the city).

    In the next few weeks (as the details fall into place) we will start to publicize an upcoming event that FPSF will have at North Bowl in Northern Liberties (Saturday, March 27th from 5-8pm) to help raise awareness and funds for all of our work – youth programming, neighborhood skatepark initiatives around the 215, and of course, Paine’s Park.

    Nugget, to respond to your final point, I’m sure Josh’s full disclosure above came from a place of frustration that many people seem quick to speculate, criticize, and question our work and progress without taking the time to read our website or contact us directly. My email and phone number are on both the FP and Paine’s Park websites, and I’m happy to talk to anyone about our work and progress. And as major updates and events come around, we will certainly work hard to get the word out.

  7. As a volunteer of Pop’s and after spending everyday working for free and helping Jessie handle budget and material I have a question.

    Why does your website claim
    “Total Cost of Project:
    Approximately $40,000”

    But Jessie (The guy who spent every day handling volunteers, materials and cost etc) quotes the park at under 24,000???

  8. Thank you for pointing that out, and you’re right. I believe that figure was put up as an estimate awhile ago, but I will be sure to update it now.

  9. Nugget,

    You aren’t bursting my good vibe because I been out there everyday since 2005 and see the rewards of my work every week with the Gear for GROMS program. http://www.gearforgroms.com

    I think Josh and Claire have articulated what Franklin’s Paine has been doing and will continue to do so in the upcoming weeks. For those who want to know more or get involved check out: http://www.franklinspaine.com/

    We are all want to help make things better in our community so lets work together towards the same end. Everyone can have a part in it but all need to communicate as well as follow the proper procedures and we can build and do a lot of good in our community.

  10. Claire while we are on the subject…

    Up until today you also had listed on your website (for some reason it’s GONE now) that somebody was paid “$5,000 for project management services” That is very strange… See I worked with all the volunteers that BUILT the park and helped manage the budget with Jessie (you know the guy who MANAGED THE PROJECT) and no one saw a dime.

    So who got paid off of a project run by volunteers???

  11. So in a nutshell, you can’t start building until every last dollar is in place? 3.5 million certainly seems like enough money to get some building underway. No disrespect to Pop’s or Kerr park but it is misleading when money raised for one project is allocated to another. I love Pop’s by the way. I talk to a social studies teacher from west philly and he gives the kids tokens to go to Pop’s. How good is that? Good things are happening…Its all perspective. psyched on the dialogue here. Pretty positive.

  12. As I just wrote above, I believe those numbers were all put up as estimates awhile ago, and I apologize for not updating that page of the website sooner (it was brought to my attention today). No one was paid $5k in project management expenses – again I assume that was an estimate going into the project. Again, I apologize for the confusion.

  13. I’m just being down now? How can so many estimates be made and remade over the years without knowing the foundation needs?

  14. I was reimbursed for gas and other expenses that started to add up as the project went along. This was Josh and Nicks idea and though it wasnt much i thank both of them for not letting the project put me in the poor house. It was not a paycheck, believe me i made no money on that job. Just alot of friends.

  15. an open line of communication is good lets just keep it clean people. positivity will breed the same, so get psyched on progress and be a part of some of the good things that WILL happen in 2010.

  16. Jesse, you didn’t get a paycheck for that work? Are you sure? I could have sworn I saw you makin’ it rain at the strip club and pourin Moet on bitches?

  17. Claire, thanks for getting involved with this thread. So to answer my questions you need between 1 an 1.5 million. Your next event is at North Bowl on March 27th from 5-8pm. Just looking for some transparency.

  18. Word, I’m happy to be involved, and we’ll definitely keep everyone posted as things progress (and part of the lack of a formal announcement about our reduced budget for Paine’s is that we still don’t know the #), but I’m happy to keep everyone posted with the latest.

    To “geotechnical study..” we are trying to make a case to Fairmount Park that the foundations were over engineered, and can be reduced, so we need the proper engineering to back that up. Since the project is on Fairmount Park land and owned by the city, we can’t start building until all funds are secured.

    To “Eric” – the $ that FPSF contributed to Pop’s and Roslyn were from separate funds raised and grants secured – not connected to Paine’s Park.

    And thanks for the positivity Jesse and AJ! I agree that there’s a lot of good energy out about this coming year, and some great potential projects in the works. I’m going to work to get those potential neighborhood spots up on our website in the next couple of weeks, so everyone can see where we’re hoping to build.

  19. For those of you who know me, you know I’m always down to throw in some labor and materials when I can. Let’s stay united!

  20. this is like an annual bitch-fest on the HB…every year nugget posts some lame shit, george says hes down to help…bunch of other dudes say FP steals money, or should have the money, or are shady…then someone from FP steps up and says that anyone can get involved, and ask the hard questions, and provides a phone number, email address SSN, tax returns, rectal exam results….and yet no one does anything…till the next year…WTF is wrong with skateboarding…everyone sucks…DIY or shut up

  21. Whah, you forgot to mention the anonymous poster that think they know everything but don’t have the balls to post under their real name. I got the answers to my questions. This thread at least ended with some progress. Next week, free love debate! (kidding)

  22. Fine. I’ll take the bait from someone too scared to identify themselves. DIY or shut up, indeed! Wallride at Kev Park. Did it myself, with a little help from my friends. Since you called me out, I’m callin’ you out. What do you got?

  23. I make it rain all day every day. I only pour Moet on bitches once every few months because that gets pricey.

  24. Average skatepark takes 10 years to get built from first being suggested to opening day. So a huge multi-million dollar project in Philly will have alot more obstacles and all that than average. Stay positive and keep movin forward.

  25. youd think that someone who helped start FP (yes I am calling out nugget) would have the decency to email or pick up the phone and call his friend to find out the answers he so desires…fact is we asked you (and many others posting on here) to help 100 times, but instead, as I said, once a year you come on here and make bullshit statements about something you know nothing about…cause you are on the sidelines…there I am not anonymous, and anyone can tell you I know what the fuck I am talking about…if you call pissing off a bunch of people progress, then you have indeed grasped what it is to in “progress” in this city…DIY or die.

  26. Brad and the rest of FP, thanks for your honesty. Not quite sure why you had to hide with your first post and now come clean and how that is any better then me pissing off a board of people who have not made a public announcement in years. I did take it personal. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. If I can be a part of making Paines Park happen in any way I would love to help.

  27. Cool. Now that all that’s wrapped up, we can get back to being united once more. Let’s work together and build some shit!

  28. Oh, and to answer my own question, Brad does indeed know all about DIY, and he’s contributed countless hours of labor, both physical and social.

  29. On a seperate but equal note, I’d like to work on getting a Pop’s type park going in West Philly. I’ve got rapport with a lot of parents, teachers and business owners so what would be a good next step.

  30. On a seperate but equal note, I’d like to work on getting a Pop’s type park going in West Philly. I’ve got rapport with a lot of parents, teachers and business owners so what would be a good next step?

  31. Jon, thanks for the opportunity to use Haveboard as a public forum. I am trying to close comments on this thread in hopes of taking some time to talk to FP members directly.

    Being that this is not my site I think it’s wise to end my discussion here. I stand by my opinion that the public has not been informed in quite some time and deserve to know whats going on.

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