This fuggin guy!

Screen shot 2010-03-01 at 4.09.23 PMEvery once in a while a kid comes along that makes a lot of pros bummed that they will soon be out of job. Cory Kennedy is definitely one of these dudes. Check out his 10 minute part in a homie video for confermation that this dude is no joke!

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that guy.

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  1. Long lines, sick tricks, fresh spots. There’s too much good stuff to list anything specific, but that gap to back lip over the pond stands out. Anybody catch Danger’s spot at the end?

  2. I agree with Broken Man. Girl is going to be pretty lame in a couple years when all the OG guys are pushing forty and Mikemo and this kid are the big names. No style=boring (no matter how hard the tricks are).

  3. I remember being like 16 in ’98 and wondering what the fuck that old guy was doing on Element. That old guy was Natas. I’m sure that’s what kids today think about dudes like Rick Howard. Nothing gold can stay.

  4. Natas? Sorry to say it, the difference is that Rick Howard still skates. It seems like Natas just road the “old guy back on the team” thing, and who can blame him. He is a legend. Cory’s part was pretty dam good, especially for a bro video. What’s wrong, the fact that he was not wearing Vans? His wall rides were the worst, but obviously with some time he is gonna rip harder or drop off with a hip hop career.

  5. Is Girl trying to appeal to girls (or pedos)? All their new riders look like they fell out of High School Musical or something.

  6. nugget be serious! natas has about ten years on howard. i would be willing to bet natas skated more in the past year than you and I combined, and again i think natas must be about 45? right?

  7. Crustandbutter, my point about Natas was just that Rick stayed involved with the scene, his company and filming parts… Natas ventured out into other areas, nothing wrong with that, just the way it is.

  8. Dudes are hating! This kid is way more original and stylish than your average Prod. Switch 180 front foot impossible!? Im not sure how old this guy is but hes going to get better and more natural looking with some more time. Considering this is a homie video imagine what he will have in the next girl/choc production.

  9. By the way, they arent making any more Stranger/Cardiel/Oyola type dudes so any comparisons to dudes we came up with dont make much sense. This guy probably started skating in the mid 90s and grew up watching the xgaymes. Its a different world for kids today.

  10. He smiles way to much to not like him. I wish my throw away footy was that outta control. good spots and alot of different terrain, im not sure whats not to like.

  11. Haters!!! HATERS!!!! Total haters. A bunch of bitter people on here hating on the next man. Typical. The kid is AMAZING. He worked for it and got it.

    Its funny how someone can post an old picture of a homie doing a stupid pole jam on here, and everyone is on their nuts…But the minute someone is doing something too innovative or tech…he’s got bad style, or he sucks, or he’s boring. God I swear I NEVER wanna get like that. Fucking bitter. I’m glad this kid is doing big things. The learning curve is so much different now. Look at the era this kid started in. He started when skateboarding was at it’s highest peak.

    And as far as the whole Natas & Rick debate. Well, Natas had his day. Rick is still in the game. You can’t compare the two. And you shouldn’t. It’s disrespectful.

    Haveboard, take this Cory shit down and post a picture of some 30+ year old paint contractor carving at FDR so everyone will be happy again. Wamp wamp Wamp…

  12. I just got around to watching this clip. The original link was removed so I updated the post with a new link & embed for the Youtube jawn.

    I’ve been reading the comments as they’ve been rolling in and was confused because the first minute I did watch when this first went up was pretty sick. Are we all watching the same video, here?

    This is a 10 minute part! It is filled with amazing, creative skateboarding. The dude is from Washington State and rides for North End Skateshop in Lynnwood. Here is his Tampa Profile page.

    Even the Slap Message boards are feeling this dude’s video parts.

    I totally see him as an up-and-comer on the Girl roster. I bet he will be around for a long time.

    I’d love to hear more specific reasons as to why people aren’t feeling his style. I think he has plenty of style and a lot of creativity with his lines.

    Ki, I agree with you about this dude being sick but you stereotype the crowd like a racist stereotypes black people. When is the last pole jam that was posted on here that everyone busted a nut over? This kid has a no-comply pole jam down a gap in his part, even. You are bitter, maybe not about the young kids coming up, but about a lot of things. I could cite comments on here of yours for days to back that up.

  13. I should clear up that I wasn’t hating on Natas or Rick Howard. Just saying that the young kids on Girl are light years beyond (technically speaking, not necessarily style-wise) the older guys and that kids today might consider that lack of technical prowess the same way I thought of Natas when I was a teenager. I re-iterate, when I was a teenager. Clear? Clear.

  14. Tom Remillard, Jah bless. Cory seems like he’s put a lot of time in learning that 93 til infinity shit. Its cool to see someone learn front foot impossibles and take them to next levs. They are easier switch. No hate here that part was rad. And that ad he had back tail kickflip boardslide was really neat. Thats right, neat.

  15. Stereotypes don’t get pulled out of thin air. There is some truth in there. It’s like saying all black people like chicken…We DO. In fact, I am eating some right now.

    Sometimes I just wish there was a breeze of fresh air on here sometimes. It’s almost like we can appreciate something or someone mediocre but can’t applaud the extraordinaire. I’m not expecting everyone to jock Cory, but some of the shit I read on here…was laaame.

  16. color aside, if you don’t like fried chicken then get the hell out.
    but I liked the guys part… maybe if he went a little faster then it would have been more interesting?

  17. I can’t eat fried chicken, it makes me sick. I think most of the posts on this thread are in support of this kid. The regulars, like Broken Man, are saying what they usually say. This site was started with average local dudes doing what they do and Jon allows us to post the average every day skating stuff, mixed in with the big industry gossip. I think it’s a great mix and I appreciate it.

  18. Pretty next level for a brocam video. Whats up with the fried chicken talk? Makin’ me hungry, any ideas on best fried chicken in town?

  19. Church’s Chicken on Bridge street near the el is good. And so is Crown Chicken near the Chinatown bus….true dat’..thought you knew dat!

  20. K Bro. Shut the hell up. this topic is obviously about fried chicken, not about skateboarding or some disney channel pro skater

  21. Back to the cory topic, I saw him skate in person when he came through arizona with some of the girl/chocolate guys. Plain and simple, the kid rips. Well rounded and really down to earth.

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