I Need A Place To Skate Fundraiser March 27th


I promised that I would get in touch with the FPSF team and keep everyone updated the best I can. Their Executive Director Claire took time to meet with me and we talked about the past, present and future. In my opinion she is doing a great job and they could not have hired a better person. I am backing the organization the best I can and I hope you all do as well.

Below is some information about their next public fund raising and awareness event at North Bowl. It will run $25 per person and you must be 21+. The fee is well worth it considering it includes bowling, some snack food, drink specials and a few other perks specific to this event. They are running a silent auction and raffle. If you have any thing you may be able to donate for the auction please let Claire know. Also please help by spreading the word about this event.

Flyer easy to read JPG
Flyer downloadable PDF to print

“Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund (FPSF) will hold a fundraising event on Saturday, March 27th from 5-8pm at North Bowl Lounge n Lanes, located at 909 N. Second Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. The purpose of the event is to raise funds and awareness for FPSF’s current and proposed youth educational programming and skatepark development projects. The event will be 21+ and a $25 door donation will be asked. The event will include bowling, food and drink specials, silent auction, raffle, photo booth, and skate demos. This event is sponsored by vitaminwater®. For more information about FPSF’s current and proposed projects, please visit franklinspaine.com or contact Claire Laver at 267-402-2041 or claire@franklinspaine.com.”


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  1. Just a quick note about some of the prizes and artist donations featured Saturday:

    Painting by Joe Minuto

    Painted deck by Bill McRight

    Photo by Phil Jackson

    Skateboard Art by George Peterson http://circlefactory.com

    Watercolor of a skater by Mike Tudor

    Etnies package (shoe voucher, hat, stickers)

    Girl deck signed by Sean Malto

    Plan B deck signed by Pat Duffy

    Mitchell and Ness Mike Schmidt 1976 replica Jersey

    Jewelry by Rachel Leigh

    Yards variety case

    Fringe Festival tickets

    Liberty Tattoo Discount Coupons

  2. I can’t make it myself but I’m spreading the word out here and to our friends living in Philly too. The more skateplazas and skateparks the better for all of us.

  3. Don’t forget Gear for GROMS flatland demo in the bowling alley featuring:
    Pros: JJ O’Donnell, AJ Kohn and up in comer Tyrone Smith

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