If You build it…

If you build it… They will come… And slap their logos all over it…

So have you guys heard about the 1 year anniversary event of Philadelphia’s Newest DIY Skatepark???

Yea neither did I or the actual people who DID IT THEMSELVES.

Regardless SOMEONE is responsible for whoring out the rights of a community built and maintained skate park to Comcast and ESPN without getting them to contribute to the ONGOING building and maintaining of skate spaces in the city.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they did get a huge chunk of change, and just didn’t feel it was information the Philadelphia skateboarding community needed to know. Since no one connected to this event wanted to return emails maybe this is the place to ask. Regardless here is the flyer for an event happening in 2 days…

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  1. I am one of the main Volunteers of Pops construction. I built the majority of all the block and brick to build the park. I have clocked countless hours of service to have the park finished. Im just a little bummed that none of the Volunteers were notified for this event to either attend or speak on behalf of fundraiser opportunities for Pops, or other projects we are working toward for the City of Philadelphia. I do understand it is a public park and ayone can do as the wish im just a little confused that with FP’s name on the banner i didnt hear about in sooner. Enjoy your Event. Maybe I can attend the next one!

  2. Franklin’s Paine and the Friends of Pops knew about this event for a a little while as ESPN came to them due to all the good press about the park, so kudos to all the volunteers who built it and keep it rolling with programing and up keep! If you work with Franklin’s Paine or with the friends of Pops you should have been in the loop.This event kind of came together recently from what I understand. I am sure they are working something out with these bigger sponsors to continue all the good work that Franklins Paine does, more exposure to what we all do is a good thing.
    Remember it was corporate sponsorship that helped getthis place built in the first place. You can tout DIY all you want but in reality it was the money from bigger groups that got it done as well as the hard work of the volunteers. The only whores that I see in this whole thing are the people who are claiming that it is theres, its a public space that was built and maintained by many, not a single, person, crew or shop. It was a community effort, don’t forget that so lets see where it goes before assuming anything.

  3. When you work with fp you get info and paid on the side to. right ako? Someones gotta be buying one skateboards.

  4. “Remember it was corporate sponsorship that helped getthis place built in the first place.”

    Yes I do remember, because it was all the Exit dudes who stepped in when boost mobile tried to throw an event in Philly without chipping in on funds for the park. I remember renting a uhaul out of my pocket to lug some junk ramps to pops just to throw a demo,get some press,and have boost donate a couple grand to the park. So where was Comcast’s, Espn’s, and FPSF’s logo when POP’s was just a hole in the ground that needed help?

    Comcast’s event is not to celebrate the one year anniversary of a community built park, or to commend the efforts by the people who made it happen (fuck jesse cant even be there), nor is it an event to raise funds or awareness for the ONGOING building efforts. It’s just a bullshit event to plaster 12 year old city kids in Comcast and Xgames tee shirts and logos, and in my opinion a serious missed opportunity.

  5. Missed opportunity is a great point. I wish all the shops and non profits could get along really well. We got a lot to put behind us to make the best steps forward. Thanks Jesse, Exit, Nocturnal, all local brands and FP for continuing to fight the good fight. Can’t wait to hear about the next event ahead of time and perhaps get everyone who really wants to participate the opportunity to.

  6. Just be glad Pop’s is getting publicity regardless. Look at the good side. This may inspire other people to do something like Pop’s. OR BIGGER! You never know. I know alot of you feel ripped off, but any publicity in situations like this is GOOD publicity.

    It’s all good people.

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