M Space – Asbury Park, NJ

From Derek over at SkateDaily:

M Space, the creative cooperative, is the home of M Studio Design & Marketing, Shannon Furey Public Relations, Billy Mecca / Beachcruiser Magazine and James Vance Studio. In conjunction with Asbury Park City Arts Weekend, M Space is organizing their first public art show event on display September 25th and 26th – Wall Ride and Print, Fold, Staple – The Art of the Zine.

Wall Ride is a show featuring the art of skateboard decks from concept to mass production. Down their welcoming courtyard, M Space invites creative minds involved in the art of skateboard decks to showcase their work on the long wooden fence. Attendees will be able to view the Wall Ride featuring preliminary design sketches and board imagery that appears both on no name skateboard decks as well as from some of the most widely recognized skate brands and artists.

Asbury Park’s  own Metal Skateboards is on board with a taste of their 15 years of decks, Jason Filipow will be showcasing art from the first line of By The Sword Skateboards and Chris ‘Dune’ Pastras has contributed some original line art from Stereo Skateboards.

M Space is located at 513C  Bangs Ave  Asbury Park, NJ 07712.

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