M Space — Asbury Park, NJ

From Derek over at SkateDaily:

M Space, the cre­ative coöper­a­tive, is the home of M Studio Design & Marketing, Shannon Furey Public Relations, Billy Mecca /​ Beachcruiser Magazine and James Vance Studio. In con­junc­tion with Asbury Park City Arts Weekend, M Space is orga­niz­ing their first pub­lic art show event on dis­play September 25th and 26thWall Ride and Print, Fold, Staple – The Art of the Zine.

Wall Ride is a show fea­tur­ing the art of skate­board decks from con­cept to mass pro­duc­tion. Down their wel­com­ing court­yard, M Space invites cre­ative minds involved in the art of skate­board decks to show­case their work on the long wooden fence. Attendees will be able to view the Wall Ride fea­tur­ing pre­lim­i­nary design sketches and board imagery that appears both on no name skate­board decks as well as from some of the most widely rec­og­nized skate brands and artists.

Asbury Park’s  own Metal Skateboards is on board with a taste of their 15 years of decks, Jason Filipow will be show­cas­ing art from the first line of By The Sword Skateboards and Chris ’Dune’ Pastras has con­tributed some orig­i­nal line art from Stereo Skateboards.

M Space is located at 513C  Bangs Ave  Asbury Park, NJ 07712.

Unheard Distribution Announces Lifeblood Skateboards

Portland, OR – September 15, 2010 — Unheard Distribution based in Portland, Oregon is fired up to announce the launch of Lifeblood Skateboards. Headed up by vet­eran pro­fes­sional skater and pho­tog­ra­pher Bryce Kanights, Lifeblood Skateboards is founded upon the appre­ci­a­tion of cama­raderie and friend­ship, and the life­long appetite of skate­board­ing on all sorts of ter­rain. Backed by Kevin Kowalski, Johnny Turgesen, Frank Faria, Mason Huggins, Oudalay Philavanh and Cody Lockwood as the brand’s ini­tial squad of team riders.

“Skateboarding is a truly unique activ­ity that has become a life changer for great major­ity of us (skate­board­ers) for years.” says Bryce Kanights. “To work with this crew of young guns and wit­ness their soul­ful skill, ded­i­ca­tion, pro­gres­sion, and cama­raderie is awe­some and inspir­ing. All in all, skate­board­ing is our lifeblood…skate everything.”

For a debut and intro­duc­tion video, please visit Lifeblood Skateboard’s Vimeo page at: http://​vimeo​.com/​l​i​f​e​b​l​o​o​d​s​k​ate

Expect a new cat­a­log of skate­boards and goods by Fall 2010. For any inquires, please con­tact Unheard Distribution at http://​www​.unheard​skate​sup​ply​.com and drop on over to www​.lifeblood​skate​boards​.com for team rider infor­ma­tion, news and updates.

Colin Sharp
Unheard LLC.
415 – 738-​​6262

Little Help?

Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund is col­lect­ing user data for exist­ing skateparks in Philadelphia to build our case for need­ing (many) other parks around the City and we need your help. To accom­plish this, we are mon­i­tor­ing FDR and POPs this week­end and next and we need vol­un­teers to help us col­lect the data.

Anyone who has wanted to help out — now is your chance — please go here and fill your name in for any time period you can com­mit to. Of course you can skate while mon­i­tor­ing. There will be a meet­ing for all the vol­un­teers this Thursday (Time & Location TBD) to go over the process and hand out forms you can record on. Solid data on how many kids use our exist­ing parks is essen­tial to sup­port our mis­sion of build­ing more (show the need).

Thank You!

The McCreesh Block Party and Kick-​​off Fundraising event last Saturday was a com­plete suc­cess and we would like to thank every­one involved. Over 300 peo­ple showed up through­out the day, the tem­po­rary ramps were shred­ded by both locals and pro­fes­sion­als from Totally and 5boro, and over $1,000 was raised towards the con­struc­tion of a per­ma­nent skatepark at McCreesh Playground through raf­fles and gen­er­ous dona­tions from indi­vid­u­als. Franklin’s Paine is pleased to announce that it will match these con­tri­bu­tions and donate another $1,000 toward the con­struc­tion of this project.

A lot of work went into plan­ning and preparing for the event. Claire, Scott, Tracey and Tim spent the months prior to the event plan­ning and coör­di­nat­ing with the local com­mu­nity, secur­ing per­mits from the Department of Parks and Recreation and the City, pur­chas­ing event insur­ance, secur­ing the food, DJ, band, pho­tog­ra­phers and video­g­ra­phers, print­ing infor­ma­tional posters and fly­ers about the project, pro­mot­ing the event, and build­ing ramps. Construction of the ramps began the week before the event with the help of Nick Orso and vol­un­teers Jesse Clayton, Chris Picco, Eric Paulie and Josh Marcinizyn. These ramps will remain in the space to gen­er­ate use until a per­ma­nent park can be funded and built.

Thank you to Totally, 5Boro, Exit and Kinetic skateshops, McRad and DJ Illumadel, the Department of Parks & Recreation, the Southwest Concerned Citizens, Zoli and every­one that helped, came out and contributed!

Scott Kmiec from Totally and Exit with a frontside ollie over the gap. This is a good fish­eye shot to see all the ramps we built and left to skate. Photo by Zoli.

James Pitonyak from Totally with 2 back­side lip­slides up top. Photos by Zoli.

Kerry McCullough from Exit with a 5.0 to fakie across the penalty death­box. Photo by Zoli.

Pat Guidotti from Totally with a Madonna. Photo by Zoli.

Kurt Kamrad from Totally with a front fee­ble up top. Photos by Zoli.

Jesse Clayton from Exit with a 5.0 fakie the other way. Photo by Zoli.

Yours truly with a back­side ollie. Photo by Zoli.

McRad shred­ded too. Photo by Zoli.

View of the tables we had set up with raf­fles and infor­ma­tion. Photo by PFI Magazine.

Community leader Tracy with raf­fle tick­ets for the kids. Photo by PFI Magazine.

McCreesh Playground

I am very excited to announce that Franklin’s Paine has part­nered with the Southwest Concerned Citizens in Mt. Moriah dis­trict in West Philly to develop a skatepark at McCreesh Playground. We pre­sented a very pre­lim­i­nary con­cept design (spe­cial thanks to local Landlord leg­end Scott Kmiec) to the local com­mu­nity and received an amaz­ing response. This con­cept involves two phases — turn­ing the exist­ing roller-​​hockey rink into a spined bowl and a con­nect­ing sub­merged street plaza with some block steps and china banks with can­tilevered benches. The com­mu­nity was very inter­ested in the over­look seat­ing area in order to watch their kids and enjoy the space. This Project is still in its infancy but now that we have com­mu­nity approval we will begin fundrais­ing. We are work­ing to update our web­site to reflect the cur­rent updates, but in the mean­time, if you want to get involved — please con­tact Claire at 267 – 402-​​2041.

Millersville Skatepark

Matt Arment (aka Nelson) over at Arment Concrete has been work­ing with Millersville Skateboarding Advocacy to build this park just out­side of Lancaster. Nelson has been pay­ing for all the mate­ri­als him­self and donat­ing his time, hop­ing to be reim­bursed with money raised. To this end he has planned monthly last-​​Friday fundrais­ing events and the first one is this Friday, April 30th and his house in Millersville. Here is a link to the Facebook Event Page but I put the per­ti­nent info down below just in case. Franklin’s Paine and myself per­son­ally are send­ing over some money to get the ball rolling. So even if you can’t make it, scrape together a cou­ple bucks and send it to Nelson to show your support.

Photo: Zoli

What: Fundraising Bowl Jam for Millersville Skatepark

When: Friday, April 30th 4-​​8pm

Where: 492 Letort road, Millersville PA 17551

Who: Hosted by Matt Arment (Nelson) — 717.989.7133

Thank You!

Big thanks to every­one who helped make the Franklin’s Paine fundraiser at Northbowl on March 27th a suc­cess. We raised around $3,000 and this money will go towards a nice rehab of Whitehall, sched­uled to start and com­plete this sum­mer! We are proud to say that we will now be able to cover the entire esti­mated bud­get for that work. More info about that here on our web­site. Here is a sneak peek at one of the new pieces Jesse Clayton has up his sleeve for the space, spe­cial for all you loyal Haveboard readers.

May 16 Benefit for FDR Skatepark

Flyer for 16MAY10 Benefit Delaware Josh is involved with the fundraiser planned above to be held at FDR Skatepark. Link to the post he sent me (with a direct link to the flyer) here. “Delaware josh, a very essen­tial dude as far as build­ing & rip­ping the park is orga­niz­ing some skate related action for any & all to par­tic­i­pate in such as a pos­si­ble smoke bomb time trial around the park, spine con­test & a janky micro quar­ter con­test as well. also vert dogs, dont for­get — we fixed up the vert ramp last year & its good to go, and for the mini-​​ramp champs, we’ve got you cov­ered as well. we’ve also lined up some grub, merch/​swap & most impor­tantly some amaz­ing spon­sors who have put up a ton of awe­some stuff for us to sell & raf­fle off & every red cent we raise on this day will go directly into the park. being a hand built park that gets used and abused as much as it does, it con­stantly needs repair, paint & of course, expan­sion is always a goal. just like the best cus­tom sickle, its never done & always needs atten­tion. so stuff some cash in your pocket for some killer stuff & to help us raise some loot for the park — strap your board to your bars or sis­sy­bar & plan on spend­ing all day with the scum under 95 in south philly. it will be a day you will never for­get.” Get down there and con­tribute! The park is look­ing great this year. DE Josh orga­nized a cleanup this past Saturday that was a huge suc­cess. He said they painted pretty much every­thing and filled in cracks and uneven con­crete all over the ground and walls. They still have to do a lit­tle cop­ing repair, but the park is look­ing great from what I hear. Josh has been plan­ning some new con­struc­tion and expan­sion for this sum­mer based on what pro­ceeds they can raise at this fundraiser. I have been work­ing to get a ship­ping con­tainer or other suit­able stor­age shed down there so every­one can store their tools, equip­ment, and left­over mate­r­ial safely as this will facil­i­tate ren­o­va­tions and expan­sion work like woah. Big ’tings pop­pin’ this year in the Philly skate scene across all fronts so get involved! Contact Josh Marcinizyn at 302.528.0981 or delawarejosh@​gmail.​com to help out with this par­tic­u­lar fundraiser or to con­tribute what­ever you can to keep FDR awe­some. A few hours of your time, some donated mate­r­ial or equip­ment, a six-​​pack or a cou­ple bucks goes a long way down there…

Coming Soon: More Philly Skateparks

Check FranklinsPaine​.com for updates on a slew of projects we have been work­ing to develop. Each in var­i­ous stages but all carry poten­tial for the same suc­cess we all con­tinue to see at Pop’s Playground. Click around to see all the loca­tions around the City we have been and con­tinue work­ing to develop, and as always, get in touch if you want to help with any of these or have your own sug­ges­tion for a spot. It is impor­tant to keep in mind that the eas­i­est way to get some­thing going is to use land that is already in Parks & Recreation’s name. This means they can apply their exist­ing insur­ance pol­icy (à la Pop’s) to the space which dras­ti­cally cuts down on lead time. For exam­ple: the Nicetown site took 1 year to trans­fer into Parks & Rec’s cus­tody (this cor­re­lates into increased insur­ance $ for them) so we could even being to think about devel­op­ing some­thing there; the local NicetownCDC has been try­ing to get skate­board­ing involved there for over five years now. Please keep in mind that none of this hap­pens on its own, we have to fight for what we want and seize every oppor­tu­nity as it comes along. We are still try­ing to get on our feet website-​​wise so if there is any other infor­ma­tion you would like to see or you think could be use­ful, please let us know!

FPSF Potential Parks Map

Nicetown Skate Path

Got word today that our pro­posed plan to incor­po­rate skate­board­ing into a cur­rently unused (and rather large) par­cel of land under Roosevelt Blvd. (Rt. 1) in the Nicetown sec­tion of Philadelphia was approved as part of a larger mas­ter plan! It was pre­sented as part of a 2010 rede­vel­op­ment plan and approved by the Philadelphia Planning Commission. I pro­posed an ini­tial phase of green­ing the entire space (not part of our scope) and putting in a super smooth con­crete skate path with some benches to draw use to the space. A par­al­lel recy­cled pedes­trian walk­way and expan­sion of the exist­ing com­mu­nity gar­den (again not our scope) could also be incor­po­rated using part­ner­ships with local orga­ni­za­tions invested in each use. After the path is estab­lished, it would serve as a back­bone for future devel­op­ment, such as skate­able sculp­tures branch­ing off the path or a larger skate plaza in one of the parabo­las. Stoked!