Buffalo Spot Check with JP from Sunday

JP Gillespie skating Trackmasters. Photo by Andrew Maholsic.
JP Gillespie skating Trackmasters. Photo by Andrew Maholsic.

My home town of Buffalo recently had a spot check article published that JP of Sunday Skateshop where he runs down 6 famous Buffalo Spots old & new. I didn’t get to skate all of these as a few of them were after my time in Buffalo or plain old just out of my skill bracket. I’m really iching to skate Trackmasters again now after this.

The main photo kickflip in the article at the main place mall is pretty gnarly. There is a granite slab right after you land that if you don’t turn away from it you could get pretty messed up. Aside from drop ins, the 1st major thing I remember going down on that thing was Ricky O’s manual to ollie in. Go check the article to read about Dave Weaver’s gnarly kickflip into that thing. Rest in Peace Dave! Go watch his original edit from Sunday’s “Whatever the Weather” video after you read that interview and spot check to see that amazingly scary kickflip. Do we really care that he didn’t completely roll away clean knowing he went and did it after going through Chemo? Hell naw.

Thanks for helping keep Buffalo on the map for skateboarding, JP! It’s grown so much since I left.

JP & I two and a half years ago on a visit to Sunday Skateshop.


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