Beauty & the Beast 2 Première — Rescheduled

beauty and the beast 2 premiere at the alter warehouse
[Update: the pre­mière is still on but it is BYOB due to the snow.]
[Update 2: the pre­mière has now been post­poned until fur­ther notice due to snow.]
[Update 3: the pre­mière is resched­uled for Tuesday, 1222 @ 8pm.]
The Philadelphia pre­mière of Beauty and the Beast 2 will be held at the Alter St. Warehouse this Saturday (the 19th). Doors open at 8pm. Everyone will be able to watch from inside the bowl. After the video, we’re clear­ing it out for another rad skate session.

For the 21+ crowd, there will be $5 all you can drink. Thanks to Zach for hook­ing this up and every­one at the Anti-​​Hero, Girl, Kinetic, Reign, Crailtap and Spitfire for the prod­uct that you might be able to get your grubby hands on.

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