Bum Rush the Spot at FDR recap

Photo’s and videos have finally sur­faced from Bum Rush the Spot at FDR. It was an awe­some day with awe­some peo­ple. It was great to see so many friends old and new. I don’t think I’ve been that hyped on a session/​event in a long time!

The offi­cial video shot by Vern Laird & Joe Buleo for Joel Meinholz is below:

ExplotationVM has a video up shot by Marcus from Skatejawn.

The offi­cial photo set from The Bum Rush Facebook page can be found behind this link.

I’d also like to thank Victoria Blithe for send­ing over her link to the pho­tos she shot as well as Anthony Santoro for his photo set which is where the above photo of Phil Jackson came from. Phil skated all day with a huge chunk of his tail miss­ing but you wouldn’t have known it by the way he skated all day.

Thanks again to Joel & every­one else involved in throw­ing Bum Rush the Spot at FDR and to every­one who posted pho­tos and videos. If there are more videos or pic­tures, send them over or link them in the comments.

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