Danny Renaud is back!

A few weeks ago I saw a photo sur­face on Instagram of Danny Renaud who suf­fered some seri­ous injuries years ago . I’d link it here but I for­got who posted it and I can’t see more than the last hand­ful of photo’s that I’ve liked.

Today I came across this recent inter­view on Jenkem enti­tled The Fall and Rise of Danny Renaud. It’s a good feel­ing to read about his recov­ery and hear his story.

One thought on “Danny Renaud is back!

  1. So awe­some! I love peo­ple like this. I wrote a song about the dude a few years ago, as part of a month-​​long, song-​​a-​​day project. Glad to see he’s back at it!

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