43 thoughts on “Girard Spot R.I.P.

  1. Aww, that’s a bum­mer. You’re right, though. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks to who­ever the hell built it.

  2. I couldn’t skate that thing for shit, but I’m sorry for those who lost their spot. I bet they did it because they were afraid some­one was gonna get hit by a car…or because they hate skateboarding.…depends on who you ask..

  3. Well a lot of good times hap­pened there! lets just enjoy the mem­o­ries and move on to the next built spot! theres plenty of aban­doned land in philly! just sucked that down­town philly is being took over by so much con­do­minium projects ! –FC

  4. this “girard” spot that got destroyed. im assum­ing your talk­ing about the lit­tle quar­ter pipe on 2nd street?

  5. me and some of my friends went there this last july 4th and had a bbq there while we skated and filmed for the new get gnarly video com­ing out soon,it was the funnest spot of the day,everyone got a cou­ple good tricks on film and we ate and drank til it was all gone,if you are miss­ing that spot,you can go to google maps and zoom in on girard and it even has a street view not from just above,check it out,all good skate spots come to an end,its a sign to look for the next spot to per­son­al­ize with some quick crete additions.

  6. Trenton’s no secrete. Fred Gall has been showin’ it for years. But yeah, not blown out for sure.

  7. Dude def­i­nitely killed it, that’s a ridicu­lous amount of tricks there. I’m still stick­ing with my com­ment about Jamal though. The tricks he does I’ve rarely, if ever, seen and that’s pretty hard to say in this day and age. Nothing against that dude Dave though cause he def­i­nitely built a sick spot and ripped the shit out of it.

  8. it’s a sim­ple mat­ter of pref­er­ence, a clas­sic case of the old school ver­sus the new. That’s what I loved about the Girard Spot, it was a tough one, one that gave most new school­ers alot of trou­ble, but i was lucky enough to wit­ness Jamal give trou­ble to that transition.

  9. Nugget, That com­ment wasn’t about Nj but some stuff we are build­ing in the Fishtown/​ Kensington Area… It still has a ways to go, but will be sick when finished

  10. Here’s a thought. Instead of lob­by­ing for some elab­o­rate skatepark, (that will most likely NEVER hap­pen), why not just lobby for a piece of land? Just a smooth park­ing lot. I’m sure the city can afford that. The way kids are.…we could have a spot made in a month. That way, if it sucks.…its our fault…and we tear it down and build some new shit? I can’t be alone on this one…

  11. as always Ki, your not only out of touch with real­ity, but come up with the dumb­est ideas that only would serve “your” type of skating.…awesome contribution

  12. I don’t see why we can’t be lob­by­ing for both. The Art Museum park will be an incred­i­ble thing for this city and future gen­er­a­tions of skate­board­ers when it is done. But for now I’d be totally hyped on an empty park­ing lot. Talk to your local neigh­bor­hood association.

  13. “My” type of skat­ing? Give me a fuckin’ break. I could rip into “some dude” just like he’s “some clown”, but name­less idiots are under my radar..Point is, I’m down for what­ever. Having an emtpy lot, it’s pretty limitless…The REALITY of it all is that Philadelphia’s skate scene is struggling…Yeah, there are alot of us, but not ALOT of spots. So you build rene­gade spots when it’s available…But hav­ing the per­mis­sion to build some­thing some­where, will increase the qual­ity of things get­ting built. I’m still down for the skate plaza project…I’m just talk­ing about some­thing for the mean time in between time.

  14. per­mis­sion to build is not going to raise the qual­ity of work get­ting done. And yes, you com­ment is pretty self serv­ing and nar­row minded when you say things like: “that will most likely NEVER hap­pen” to argue your case of want­ing a flat area of land. Also, this con­ver­sa­tion is tired. Reaching out on the com­ments here is get­ting you no where. Write let­ter to peo­ple, get involved in your “local neigh­bor­hood asso­ci­a­tion”. Or bet­ter yet, drop the whole ’philly scene’ is strugling non­sense. You may not see me out con­gre­gat­ing for all the kids to watch me skate, but I assure you, the skat­ing IS going down, and it IS fun as shit. Ki, call me to go skate some­time, and not to fix your laptop.

  15. Exactly, con­tact your local com­mu­nity devel­op­ment cor­po­ra­tion, and dis­cuss with them any lots, or parks and recs areas that are under­uti­lized. If they are inter­ested in help­ing to restore it to a use-​​able, and func­tion­ing part of the com­mu­nity, there are plenty of sources of funds. This is actu­ally hap­pen­ing in Philly right now. This grass roots work is how we (FPSF) have achieved soo much. WE ARE going to build the largest, most unique, and excit­ing skatepark in the coun­try, next to the art museum on one of the best pieces of dirt in cen­ter city. Thanks for the pos­i­tive com­ments and sup­port. Brad

  16. If EVERY SINGLE ONE of you did some­thing for skate­board­ing instead of post­ing some mean­ing­less bull­shit on here, it would be a COMPLETELY dif­fer­ent scene. So until then… keep flap­ping your gums, cause it means absolutely noth­ing. In fact, it actu­ally pulls us back­wards. Negativity breeds more neg­a­tiv­ity. Believe it.

  17. i did somthing. fixed 2 of them holes in the city hall bench. sry for all whos got­ten tick­ets for skat­ing it. my bad

  18. its so tired hear­ing peo­ple cry about skatespots. This is Philly ya’ll. Spots every­where. You dont have to build, you dont have to cry, you just have to skate. PERIOD. Me and the posse are out skat­ing EVERYDAY, with­out build­ing, with­out cry­ing about spots or cops, we just go do it. If a cop comes, we go some­where else. If the spot sucks, go hit some­thing else. There is so much shit to skate in Philly already. Maybe we just need to thin out the skate­board pop­u­la­tion a lit­tle. All you guys who keep cry­ing about spots could just start writ­ing poems about it or bet­ter yet, just quit and ride bikes or some­thing. There are tons of ledges, steps, banks, bumps, curbs, lurbs, nibs, jibs, hub­bas, streets, man­holes, bums, bars, rails, bowls, mini ramps, you just have to look for them.

  19. For the record, Im not cry­ing. I love philly and I love skat­ing in philly. If you don’t like it, actions speak louder than words. Put up or shut up.

  20. “Here’s a thought. Instead of lob­by­ing for some elab­o­rate skatepark, (that will most likely NEVER hap­pen), why not just lobby for a piece of land?” Ki, this is tired. One ques­tion. Have you done any­thing like this yet? Stop ask­ing oth­ers to do what you want to do and do it. No hard feel­ings, I just think those work­ing really hard at fund rais­ing are aware that guys like you talk­ing smack is not help­ing. It’s hurt­ing. Your a good guy with lots of friends and a voice. You can get some­thing started if you really want.

  21. the ride bikes thing wasnt aimed at you HB, it was more of a do some­thing else intead of skate if you want to cry about skat­ing or the lack thereof. Anyhow, HB, non of that com­ment at all was gen­er­ated at you, i know you keep shit real. And yes, i know where you be skatin at. My hip still hurts from last time. I just laugh when im hear­ing peo­ple cry about spots and skat­ing in Philly. Its like peo­ple need cush­ions to be com­fort­able. Why not look at Philly as a skatepark rather then some­where that needs a skatepark.

  22. “insert whin­ing and bitch­ing com­ment about not hav­ing a place to skate­board here while not doing any­thing to help get one”

  23. yeah! quit being a pussy and go skate love! but ki like the build stuff and so do i and if we had a square to skate on we could turn it into a skate square. kinda liek what we did by me but u wont ever know about that place

  24. Everything’s next to a Wawa. But that’s not enough. It’s also across the street from another Wawa. Wawa’s as com­mon as a god­damn traf­fic light.

  25. how about we get a unused piece of land, remake el toro, skate stop it our­selves and then talk about it later. I just brought u use­less idea #400. add it to the others

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