11 thoughts on “Go Skateboarding Day

  1. Oh full-​​time employ­ment, why do you tor­ture me so? Who’s up for an evening “respon­si­ble skate­boarder” session?

  2. Lets not play pol­i­tics here. You can still sup­port one thing a group does and dis­agree with oth­ers. Besides, are you really going to argue against an inter­na­tional “Go Skateboarding Day”? And yes I real­ize that tech­ni­cally any day can be a go skate­board­ing day.

  3. so just ignore the ad and go skate. prob­lem solved. i don’t recall see­ing the require­ment to pur­chase crappy sole tech shoes to go skate tomor­row. so fuck it.

  4. Screw you guys we need to get of your sole/​souls so kiss my grits you dirty hood rat hooochie mommas

  5. I am tot­tally excited to the max for go skate­board­ing day. I am going to do a 879 over lu kang river. hang loose dudes

  6. I’m going to fdr at 8am if any one cares to join me. Early all the biker guys like to do kick­flip frame slides on the bunker wall before the skaters show up. I’m gonna ride a blank deck tomor­row too.

  7. Took this day to learn switch 360 flips in the hot Texas sun.…but yeah, every­day should be GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.…Hope you all had fun! Right now I am icing a busted foot.…

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