Wild in the Streets 2005

So, I tend to shoot footage and then never do anything with it. Sometimes it takes me forever to get it together, and years later, what was once going to be considered NEW content, turns into throwback footage.

Well, today is the most fitting of days to post this gem I edited this past year of footage from WITS from 2005.

I edited the piece which aired on Concrete Skateboarding. Check them out and download some episodes.

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12 thoughts on “Wild in the Streets 2005

  1. I hate to be negative on such a gorgeous day, but I will forever be resentful to Emerica for blowing up that fucking bridge spot like they did. It’s no coincidence that is was gone again soon after.

  2. There is more to it than that. We got busted by the cops in the middle of building the bank ledge anyway and almost got arrested. We were lucky they didn’t have it bulldozed the very next day. I sorta feel lucky that it lasted until the GSD event that year, honestly

  3. dude this video is awesome haha in the begining the kid that has the love park shirt on and is skitching u guys while filming is me hahah, thats when i pushed mongo wow that made my day haha

  4. Rebuilding bridge spot is now a yearly tradition. Jon, so stoked you made that video, from your bike, with a bad foot. You rule for ever.

  5. why does haveboard get the credit? all he did was press my red button! i was scared to death of his bike riding anyway. He almost dropped me a few times.

  6. I didn’t drop you! I def did more than push your buttons. And editing is…whatever. Thanks jay b for trusting me with your camera.

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