Halloween Jam photos

FiveO_haveboard_santaZoli, Bryan, and a few oth­ers were snap­ping pics left and right last night at the ware­house. Good times! Check out Bryan’s ware­house set on face­book and Zoli’s Flickr set. Zoli, thanks for shoot­ing the pic­ture of Santa. I knew that dude was real!

If any­one got video from last night posted some­where, let me know and I’ll get it up here.

[Update: watch a video clip here: http://​have​board​.com/​w​a​r​e​h​o​u​s​e​_​h​a​l​l​o​w​e​e​n​_​j​a​m​_​2​_​v​i​d​eo/]

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