Nutter advances legislation that would raise fines for skateboarding

It looks like the skate­board community’s good old friend Michael Nutter along with David Oh are “advanc­ing leg­is­la­tion” “intro­duc­ing strong penal­ties for ’those who van­dal­ize or dam­age pub­lic art and memo­ri­als, includ­ing those that honor mil­i­tary, police, fire­fight­ers and other national defense or pub­lic safety sub­jects.’” “Maximum fine of $2,000″ and “up to 90 days in jail for adults” is pretty ridiculous.

This was posted last week by Philebrity and was going around the face book all after­noon. Late to the party. Oh well.

UPDATE: via Onefinger over on face­book, the full post from the City of Philadelphia’s WordPress​.com site.

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