Slippery Skateparks

The dis­cus­sion is con­stantly brought up. Slippery skateparks. Someone will imme­di­ately rebut­tal in the com­ments to sim­ply “Deal with it”, or “stop cry­ing”. While I agree that it forces you to be more on point with your tricks, I do not feel that every­one should accept the lack of effort put into main­tain­ing the skateparks that use skatelite indoors.

Who wants to get together and do rene­gade skatepark clean-​​up missions.

Here is the plan. Get a group of peo­ple all with 2 or 3 liters of cherry coke

24 thoughts on “Slippery Skateparks

  1. You for­got about old dudes. Thats a new level of hate. I love being an old dude. I got my kick­flips back on a slip­pery ramp cov­ered in coke, wax and a 2 year old kid who was rid­ing a razor. I’m stoked and now bet­ter at skate­board­ing. Im glad the park trained me good. Thanks for the advice bro’s!

  2. I wouldn’t want to be any other age than what I am. To be 23 again, now, and have to com­mu­ni­cate with birds on mywaste​.com would give me a headache. Consequently, I’d get no action and would prob­a­bly be even more bit­ter than peo­ple per­ceive me to be.

    Skate the Turf’s key­hole, clover, and cap­sule and then call me up and we can talk about how slip­pery a sur­face can really be.

  3. I hate slip­pery skateparks like every­one else, but it’s bound to hap­pen. The amount of kids com­ing in, bring­ing dirt into that place, along­side kick­ing up dust from the wood already there, it’s inevitable. When I worked at the park, I mopped that place all the damn time and it was STILL slip­pery. LAND YOUR TRICKS PROPER AND YOU WON’T FALL.…Simple as that.…Stop cry­ing and step your game up.

  4. If so many dam kids came then profit is made and improve­ments can be made. To say that over pop­u­la­tion is why you can not keep up on the park is bs. Over pop­u­la­tion should mean huge profit, which should mean more money to main­tain and mop or what ever it takes.

    Ki, you win, from now on lets skate wear­ing full pads, in doors, on ramps made of plas­tic, with 3 year old kids and pay $12 for 2 hours of bliss. It’s a great way to love skateboarding.

    If the skateparks were good they would stay open and not change own­er­ship every 2 years.

    How can I get bet­ter at land­ing my trick if when I do them right I still fall cause its too slick?

    I think its time for a chicken bucket comment.

  5. x games wood­ward or what ever you call it is the slip­peri­est (spelling right on that one?) skatepark to ever be cre­ated… theres not enough cherry coke in the world to save it… but oh well, slip­pery or not… park still sucks… go shred fdr.

  6. Haveboard Events…Ki Realer Vs Brian Nugent Boxing match.…ON ICE!

    The tro­phy will look like abucket of fried chicken!

  7. Slippery…it’s a bitch to deal with. It hap­pens regard­less of indoors or out­doors. It just hap­pens. I have a solu­tion, that will not be very pop­u­lar, but it is a solution.

    Don’t go to the skatepark.

    Go out­side, unless there is 3 feet of snow. However, I can recall skat­ing out­side for the major­ity of this past win­ter. It is harsh, but what is worse?

    I weighed the pros and cons and decided for myself that I would rather skate some­where I like, even if the weather is cold, then skate at a slip­per indoor skatepark with blar­ing metal music, and entry fee, and snot nosed kids.

  8. Ki would kick my ass. Does any­one remem­ber the straight edge box­ing match between Vern and Metal at Ricky’s place years back? That was epic.

  9. Screw Cherry Coke.… The “clear” sodas give you a bet­ter non-​​slip sur­face. I don’t know why… you would think that the syrups and caramel used to color the soda would add to the grip.

  10. I’m push­ing fora spon­sor­ship from Cherry Coke. So I’m back­ing Cherry Coke for a Slippery Skatepark Solution.

  11. First and fore­most, I would never fight Nugget. If any­thing I would buy him a beer. He’s a good guy and I have alot of respect for him. The back and forth that goes on here, in my eyes, is dropped on the streets. We are ALL skate­board­ers here, and I hope friends beyond that.

    Skateboarding is all about free­dom. Be it on mes­sage board opin­ions or trick selec­tion. It’s all love here. The funny thing I love about have​board​.com is that it is filled with stub­born dudes(myself included) all full of what they believe to be, how they think skate­board­ing should be.

    This argu­ment, amongst oth­ers could go on for­ever, and we all still look silly. In the end, it’s all skate­board­ing. Slippery ramps and all, we all still love it for what it’s worth…

    What we need to talk about is another Bridge spot…The nice weather is around the cor­ner. We need to get ready!!

  12. Ki dizzl is right. the weather is get­ting nicer and peo­ple need to get together and re-​​build leg­endary bridge spot. when is a good time to start?

  13. A good time to start was yesterday.Spend no money mak­ing this.You know when the Mummers need to prac­tice away we go with bridge spot.oh yeah,How about not bring­ing WilD in the Streets there this year.What a bunch of bullshit…

  14. well bridge spot was sick. so is every other spot in philly. i was never a part of build­ing up that spot in the past but if any­one has any ideas im down to contribute.

  15. Bernieside has always been a good spot, the only down­side to it is how many peo­ple end up going there. It’s fun, but the crowd is just as bad if not worse than your aver­age skatepark on a sat­ur­day afternoon.

    As for slip­pery skateparks I don’t mind them at all. I’m with Ki, it adds a new ele­ment to skate­board­ing. What’s the dif­fer­ence between a slip­pery skatepark sur­face and a rough sur­face at a street spot, a crack right at the top of a set of stairs, a rough ledge? All of these things make a spot or park dif­fer­ent and all present a new chal­lenge to over­come. Hopefully each one gives you a bet­ter sense of accom­plish­ment when you land that trick you’ve been try­ing for an hour.

    Slippery skateparks are fun. So are bla­tant key­word place­ments in this rant on slip­pery skateparks. NERD!

  16. I can see where you two are com­ing from with the notion that a slip­pery park adds a new ele­ment, and it does. Donny, how­ever, is out of his ele­ment. I also like cracks in side­walks, cob­ble­stone patches, and other fun shit like that. I fuck­ing love street skat­ing for that rea­son! To me, the idea of… ah, fuck. I’m ram­bling here. My point is, when I skate a park, I do a lot of that carving/​pumping action on the flat ground to main­tain speed. If I can’t keep trac­tion with that on 92a wheels, then the park’s fuck­ing worth­less to me. Now when the recent snow was hard enough to skate on, it was pretty fuckin’ slick. THAT was fun!

  17. So I guess we all have to agree that slip­pery skateparks suck…but we should be glad we have one to go too. Bridge spot? Keep your eyes peeled. I smell some guerilla shit coming.…

  18. lip­slides slide well… on my dick. my sandy vagina keeps me from skat­ing well, not slippy ramps.

  19. YALL SUCKERS!…haveboard is OBVIOUSLY at the bank with that fine check from CHERRY COKE… cashin it in as we ram­ble. TOTALY ENDORSEMENT.… HAH!…your a bright one mr. have­board. make that fun­ney money son­ney!.…
    SO yeah can we get back to hat­ing on art fags cause i realy need some­thing to do when i get off work. thanks pals!

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