Spitfire Demo is Not at Love

Thanks to SAN there is a Spitfire demo com­ing to philly, right after one in NYC at the Banks. The Demo in Philly is Not at Love. The loca­tion will be announced soon. The Demo is for a Love Park Wheel, but not at Love Park. I’ve heard peopel are miss lead by the flyer. Stay Tuned for more info.

29 thoughts on “Spitfire Demo is Not at Love

  1. deluxe has it’s heart (and wal­let) in the right place. they just did a board series of Fish’s work, the money goes to help him pay off med­ical bills.

  2. the flyer makes it sound like it’s a big ses­sion at love. the flyer should say white­hall skate­jam to ben­e­fit love.

  3. THat flyer IS very mis­lead­ing. Whitehall eh? Hopefully they build some new shit there. THat place could use a flat­bar and new boxes in the worst way.….

  4. I don’t go to Bridgespot as much as I did last sum­mer. Kids don’t respect that place and it kinda bums me out. I hope that place doesn’t get torn down soon, but I can sense the days are dwin­dling down. The city is start­ing to look at that place as more and more of an eye­sore. First they start to leave the lights off, now what?!?

  5. Whitehall Directions: From Philly or Jersey: *Take 95 North to the Bridge and Harbison exit. *The exit will fork off, stay to the right of the fork. *It will curve around to the left. *Get into your left lane. *At the sec­ond light, make a diag­o­nal left. *You should pass a large park­ing lot on your left, and go under a small bridge. * Stay straight through the stop sign, and make a left at the first light you come to. Go shred, and don’t leave any­thing lay­ing around there even for one sec­ond. The kids there have very sticky fin­gers. Go shred.

  6. I did the same as KI…stayed the fuck out of dodge.….……Spitfire..woop dee fuck­ing dooo.…..Go back to Cali…nobody cares.….EASTCOASTLIFE.….…..aint no fake peo­ple here.….…..

  7. that was so fun! Jon was killin it on the mic. we built two new spots, ate food, skated, won free crap and saw some good skaters do their thing. It was way bet­ter then a demo, and not over crowded at all. oh yeah and some ghetto kids got into a fight and brought out a bb gun. so hot right now, bb gun fights are in.

  8. I am offer­ing up spon­sor­ship for shoelaces. I never break them ever so I have an INFINITE(shameless plug) sup­ply. If any­one is look­ing to ride for my team(name to be annouced soon) please hit me up on myspace. Just type in “ki” and I will appear. Shoelaces baby. I’m giv­ing nig­gas sig­na­ture shoelaces!!!! I’m on some Jay-​​Z shit!!

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