Temporary Autonomous Aggro Zone Closing Reception this Sunday


Phil Jackson has a show up this month with some other folks and the clos­ing recep­tion is this Sunday. It’s also a good oppor­tu­nity to pick up’s final issue of Borderline Retard since cops shut down FDR on the fourth.

I’ll be doing a zine release at the clos­ing recep­tion for the show Temporary Autonomous Aggro Zone at Marginal Utility in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 27th from 4-​​6pm. The exhi­bi­tion pairs my most recent work from the Ironbound neigh­bor­hood of Newark, NJ with Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols 1999 doc­u­men­tary film Fruit of the Vine. If you missed the open­ing or want to grab a zine in per­son, I’d love to see ya there.


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