Noc’s answer to the blank/shop board issue

Which is a shittier board? one is made is on the east coast and is actually pretty witty and costs HALF the price of the “pro” board made by chinese children. not to beat a dead horse but damn. shits pretty trife when a bunch of skate “millionaires” cause believe most of those dudes are and act like were just broke mugs like yourselves tryin to survive.


that guy.

8 thoughts on “Noc’s answer to the blank/shop board issue

  1. You can’t post images in the comments. Money hungry pro’s can get their loot. The blank board market is big. Sorry creeps. Blanks are here to stay.

  2. Blanks were huge when I was a kid in the mid 80s. For the most part we bought them uncut and cut our own shapes, painted dumb graphics on them. Board shapes were changing radically and in a way blanks probably helped the progression of sk8ing.

  3. Buying a blank or shop deck supports local shops and local riders. Buying pro boards only funds the purchase of more proboards

    Profit Margin
    Baker Andrew Reynolds board = 10$

    Blank deck= 18$

    This movement will never get the support from local mom and pop skateshops. Which in their eyes does not matter, but it’s the local skateshops that the kids are looking to see whats “COOL” and decided what stays or goes. And blank decks are pretty fucking cool.

    I spent 3 years straight only skating Inhouse Blanks from Benny’s on Torresdale and Benner

  4. Blanks are kicking ass. I love those Nocturnal boards up there. Do they have ’em in larger sizes, like 8.75?

  5. I will ask again;can I wear blank socks and still support skateboarding?For the record I rocks Hanes.Hanes doesn’t support skateboarding,but do they make support stockings worn by skaters mothers,allowing them to work longer hours at the automat,thereby indirectly supporting skaters?Halleuia,hollaback.(No John Brown)

  6. These pros need to remember they are not the only ones who go through two three four five boards a month. Us poor kids would have to have 200-300 a month just as a deck budget, if there were no blanks. Decks should not be an issue with the pros. They have shoe, clothing, wheel, bearing, energy drinks, and a bunch of other non-deck ways of making their $$$.

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