Feed The Fix! TONIGHT

There has been a ton of local videos dropping and that is nothing short of amazing. For anyone unfamiliar with the roster for “Feed The Fix” you better go learn yourself. I have saw some of this footage and it will be off the charts.

The premiere will be off the charts. It will be held at the Ruba Club at 5th and Green (1 block north of Spring Garden). So feel free to come out and get wild. Full cash bar and doors don’t close till 3am


13 thoughts on “Feed The Fix! TONIGHT

  1. I tried to adjust the audio and offer thsi promo as a quicktime video. Check the video section here.

  2. i hope ki reiler is not in the video he is the most hated skater going nowhere in philly we have seen all the boring ass shit he has done already and he we havent seen it he has called everyone to brag about his tricks like a 13 year old not his 27 year old self go nowhere ki grow up u geek

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