new hip at san pedro

so we poured another 10 yards of ‘crete in san pedro over the past weekend. early indicators suggest at least head high airs possible, and when the next step occurs, roll ins will be at top speed for the big hip. also poured a footing for the next big wall, so hopefully the new section of the park will be complete by the end of the summer…

4 thoughts on “new hip at san pedro

  1. just when you thought it couldn’t get more intimidating. tell Sargent to get off his ass and work!

  2. where is san pedro? sounds like its in california but that cant be. speaking of california san jose is the shit!

  3. Mike, I will be jobless and homeless come winter time. I’ll be selling everything I own and coming out west to live with you. Just giving you a heads up. OK? PS-I’m dead serious.

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