From Notcurnal: 8 Year Jam and Weekend Activities!


Just wanted to let everyone know about our 8yr anniversary skate jam. It will be on 3rd and bainbridge in philly pa on the 7th of june. We will have the whole block blocked off. We have a bunch of ramps and ledges to skate.

Redbull will be there with a DJ and plus tons of philly skaters and our very own prodigy KYLE NICHOLSON!!!

So get your ass’s out to 3rd and bainbridge and come shred with all of us.

Call for more details.

Nocturnal skateshop
Hope to see everyone!

7 thoughts on “From Notcurnal: 8 Year Jam and Weekend Activities!

  1. Regarding the end of that clip (which was otherwise tight), part of the reason that the bridge spot continues to get torn down may have as much to do with dudes acting like idiots down there as it does with mummers, etc… Bottom line: if you’re old enough to grow a beard, you’re too old to be throwing your skateboard. Either way, stoked about the super fun shred events going down this weekend. Good work Nocturnal.

  2. Yea, he might have his sushi pants on but even on the fuck around he still absolutely kills it. Dude is a ripper and a good guy. Can’t wait till the weekend.

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