haveboard 3.0

So, today is my 30th birthday, and there are plans to meet for drinks around 8 or 9 upstairs at Tattooed Moms. Come out, wish me a happy birthday, and have a drink. Hopefully the cake is not a lie.

13 thoughts on “haveboard 3.0

  1. Oh shit!! 30….that means you have been inducted into the Indy club….no more tensors or grind kings for you!!

  2. Yes, Indy’s. I’ve only rode oe set of tensors. never again. GK, nope. Thunders, Ventures, or Indys. No other trucks matter.

  3. Well that’s a bummer since i am still a wee lad and my flip tricks have already been added to the “good ol” days crew

  4. Fuck it. I heard somewhere that the Gonz learned switch tre’s at age 30. Happy fuckin’ birthday, Haveboard! Skate forever!!

  5. Haveboard ain’t goin nowhere…he’s a lifer…He’ll be talking shit and smith grinding till he can’t walk…happy b-day holmes!!

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