Totally Halloween Skate Jam

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  1. gonna be silly. kinda blowin’ it out though. i’m gonna dress up like a skateboarder and i bet some one is gonna tie my shoes together, then haveboard is gonna throw a full beer in my face. rad. then i’m gonna get loaded and skate when i really should stop skating.

  2. “then haveboard is gonna throw a full beer in my face” it’s been know to happen. Ha ha! For the record, Scott asked me to blow it out on HB.

  3. I was in Penn Station NY a month ago bored looking for a skatemagazine to read. Then I found Concussion with the words “Philly Warehouses” on the cover. Great article with photos by Philthy and words by DE Josh. Already blown out.

  4. ya DO while you were busy crying about a bowl being included in Paines Park, we went and did something…bitch now. please.

  5. Paine’s Park?Whats that?They should have left the trees there if they weren’t going to start building anything.At least it displaced the creeps and pervs from that area of the riverwalk.sigh…Hit the streets.

  6. I was awarded the rights to MC this event. I do not really know the skills that are required to do this job properly, but you can bet for damn sure that I will get proper drunk, insult everyone, and maybe pass out in the deep end…

  7. I thought I was just going to have KI help out from his computer in a SAFE remote area far far away…

  8. All you gotta do is get drunk, call people by the wrong name, throw some insults out there, yea. You get the idea. If you want to go the ESPN route, call every lip trick a “grind.”

  9. a ledge in the “flatbottem,” huh? You maybe want some mani purds, too? or how about a grind bear that you can get super toch on? jurst let us know so we can get to berlding.

  10. I’m totally going, I’m going to totally get drunk (I guess I’ll have to bring some booze since you can only get fruit juice sponsors), someone then should totally take my board away, so Scott doesn’t have to totally drive me to the hospital (cause that would totally suck Scott), I want to totally get everyone’s sloppy seconds, so Scott, and Macias and Steven, etc, invite your leftovers to hang out.

  11. Ok Cookout, I’ll find some sloppy seconds for you. But just make sure you wrap it this time. I don’t want the bitch coming back to me trying to get me to raise YOUR kid.

  12. party gonna be dope. i’m gonna hit like four girls in the face with my board by falling drunkenly, then they will prob wanna make out. ON A SERIOUS NOTE, HAVEBOARD ADMINISTRATOR RECENTLY OBTAINED A “CHECKOUT” OF THE NEWEST RIPPER TO BE TURNED PRO FOR HEELYS. REQUEST THAT HE POSTS THEM SHITS, IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. DOODY NOW FOR THE FUTURE.

  13. Staz, I don’t want sloppy seconds anymore, I want the girls that yous guys haven’t slept with yet, particularly, the ones that would never ever show up at the warehouse, but this being a costume party, they reluctantly decided to go. The ones you been trying so hard to impress with yous guys’ frontside airs off the wall and all the other tricks you have been training on all summer. But if I do end up hitting it raw dog, and some girl produces a bastard child, I’m sure your law skills can get me out of child support, maybe even slap a restraining order on the broad so she doesn’t try to find me in Boston. Haveboard, do I win for longest bullshit comment ever.

  14. it seems like best trick will soon be overshadowed by “who gets the most slags knocked up award”… If i was a girl i would TOTALLY want to goto a pbr fueled skateboarding halloween party… and get knocked up…

  15. It’s not sponsored by PBR it’s sponsored by Zola, and girls love fruit juice. and possibly MD 20/20.

  16. The Halloween Skate Jam was Totally awesome. Even the cops thought so. That sesh was so heated, I’m a broken piece of shit today. Seriously epic. Thanks to Totally and all the other sponsors. Especially our favorite sponsor, ZOLA super gnar juice! I heard they’re coming out with a roofies flavor just for you, Cookout. Mix that into your next party jam! Oh, and thanks for the MD 20/20 at 1:am. There’s one more sloppy second out there for you now! PS – Does any one wanna buy some rollerblades for cheap? haha, rope!

  17. Yea, that party was a fukkin’ blast! Thanks for throwing that, Scott. That guy Travis takes the title for worst slam in the short-lived best trick contest. Heal up that knee, Jon! Start taking silica!

  18. That party was fucking awesome. Some serious shredding going on. I found myself laughing sporadically all day Sunday remembering some of the roller bladders’ sweet tricks in the bowl. Thanks Scott, warehouse peeps and sponsors, ect.

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