More Work this weekend at POPs, Need Help!

Alright I need help people.

I am trying to put the word out that this weekend, Saturday AND Sunday are full-on work days at POPs. We need commitments from people that they will definitely be there. 10am – 4pm. If you can only come for a little bit and not the whole time, please come at 10am ready to work and leave when you have to. I know how this stuff goes and that stragglers will come later to make up the difference.

Jesse is planning equipment / work for approximately 15 people each day so we really need to make sure this happens. Work to be done includes jacking out asphalt, laying block, and forming out the spine. Right now I have three close friends who have stepped up, plus Jesse and myself, so we’re off to a good start.

Please forward along / get the word out. Email the name and email address of anyone who is serious about showing up and helping so I can keep track and send out a reminder email on Thursday or Friday.


PS you can sesh the finished obstacle after you put in some work!

Nicholas Orso
thenorso at gmail dot com

Franklin’s Paine
Board Secretary & Capital Project Manager

4 thoughts on “More Work this weekend at POPs, Need Help!

  1. Paparazzi will be there to build and then document the post-sesh. A hot lunch, booze, and the possibility of being immortalized next skate photo friday… how can you NOT come help???

  2. I want to com help and be a part of it. Any of your girlfriends want to babysit three adorable children?

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