Progress at Pop’s

Rob Reed’s login isn’t working on the site temporarily, but he was able to send me photos from the work that went down this past saturday and monday. Good work fella’s, it’s coming along quite nice!



Smooting Out the Spine


Mixing Crete






42 thoughts on “Progress at Pop’s

  1. I hope the first time I see you there isn’t when it’s FINISHED Ki… We would love to have you come help out to.

  2. Man, I really wish I could get out there and get my hands dirty helping to build. I always work valet and Focus, but let me know if there is anything Focus can help out with. Maybe I can hit up some companies in the mag to get some product and do a donation or something.

  3. This is most definitely NOT the hood Andy. The neighborhood is technically fishtown, but has been renamed “The New Kensington” neighborhood. The park is surrounded by condos, lofts, and rowhomes. Right down the street from the former yards brewery now “Philly Brewing Company”. Drive 10 mins north then your in “the hood”

  4. Our schedules never coincide to meet up to do anything. I work nights, and on my days off, no one seems to be there. Or, like today…it’s raining. I offered to front some dough for supplies…Maybe I can work with Mazur and we can get an article for the mag to show the progress. But I’m totally down for what you all are doing.

  5. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I gather that money, not manpower, is our biggest obstacle right now.

  6. rob your right, but we still can use as much man power as possible. We have a couple fundraisers in the works, and they will be announced in the next couple days, but everyone has been doing an amazing job, and it’s looking great. To any one who ever has any plans on riding this park make sure to give Jessie Clayton his props without him we would be no where.

  7. Thanks to everyone that supports this project. If we get enough momentum we could be doing this again and again and uh…

  8. Just joking. I’ve been meaning to come help out again. I still think the park needs a FrontnGirard style quarter pipe or a wedge to wedge or something. Plus, I need my shovel back for snow+ice this winter.

  9. money money money, we most def need more money. So if anyone would like to help put together a fundraiser talk to me steve milla or norso.

  10. Spot looks awesome. Definitely agree with Andy that a 2nd/Girard-style quarterpipe would be fucking awesome.

  11. Fundraising is a great idea. There are alot more skateboarders than there ever was before. Any ideas? My thoughts so far have been hosting small games of SKATE in certain places where half the proceeds go toward the park and the other half to the winner. Or maybe at least organizing a certain person, or shop to take donations. Even as far as shops go, selling off old (used) decks and having the proceeds go toward the park. Limitless.

  12. I bet Bill Cosby and the Paul Newman Foundation would be willing to donate to Franklin’s Paine.

  13. Games of SKATE are boring. Let’s put together like a Scavenger hunt type contest. Each team of like 3 or 4 people put up, let’s say $50 to enter.And like Ki said, half toward the park, half to a large prize pot. Plus will get some product too to put into prizes too. Each team will have to go to certain spots of the city and film certain tricks. Any takers on this?

  14. This is in the works, and has been for while. It will be really fun, and should raise a good chunk of change! I will keep everyone informed.

  15. 80s style vert contest? I’d love to see vert come back. Most skateboarders these days won’t even step to it.

  16. Just an 80’s style contest in general would be sick. It could be a street or mini ramp contest, but the rule would obviously be that you have to ride an 80’s style board..and have lots of neon going on.

  17. ok… 80s vert (mini ramp) contest at FDR mini? anyone game? and obviously lappers would be mandatory! do something like the rumble in ramona contest like biggest air, longest stalled invert, whatever

  18. just thought of something… for cheaper maybe we could do one of those 80s style street contest with the pvc rails and a broken car with a kicker ramp… or something along those lines… im still backin 80s style mini contest though

  19. I gotta say, I am really stoked to see everyone on here thinking positively towards a shared end goal. Miller is in charge of homie-fundraising ideas so please if you’re serious about getting this shit together – talk to him. I am presenting to the commissioner of the Rec. department in an hour and am asking for more land. Pops is fully funded as of right now, time to finish it and move on to the next spot. And we need to raise some dough in the mean time…

  20. Good luck Nick! Also, the scavenger hunt idea is terrific and I think should definitely go down. Almost like an all Philly “King of the Road” type thing.

  21. Again, it’s limitless as too what we could do. Just making people aware if anything is the most important. You’d be amazed on who is actually hyped on skateboarding. And on the flip side, people are bummed on skating may be hyped that there will be a place for kids to get..(keeping them skating in front of their business) My teacher in school was soo bummed on us skating in her neighborhood, she lobbied for 3 parks to get built…She’d talk shit all the time about doing it…and then she finally did. (and they’re actually pretty good)…

  22. i have been DIYing to see a new contest with a broken car in it. remember back to the bay contest?…not to mention all those 80’s ones w/ blender and gonz madness

  23. My first (and only) nosepick was on the trunk of a car..I’d like to (try) to relive that moment again. Who ever saw 411#1 where they skated a car? Shit was dope. We need a stall contest like in Ban This where Guy, Gab & Paulo skated that bus bench!!! Priceless!!

  24. Ok the Rec. department is on board (i.e. we now have land bitches!)(oh and did you get the lame pun?). Miller is assembling the master list (i.e. anyone who is down to help – slinging crete or mindbending money out of people) so get your name on it. We will send out an update once the New Year rings in on where and when to meet. Then we move forward, always, moving forward.

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