Ramp House in Athens

10 thoughts on “Ramp House in Athens

  1. They really should have offset the ramp and the windows or put those demo rails on the ramp. One way or the other that glass is gonna get broked.

  2. Yea, stray boards could be a huge problem. I could totally see a sweeper gone awry, resulting in a bunch of broken dishes.

  3. I’m gonna take a stab at saying the glass is probably a clear plastic of some sorts and not ACTUALLY glass. Do you really think they didn’t take that into consideration? Are you all saying you wouldn’t kill to live there? (haveboard does not support killing)

  4. another thing that’s worth mentioning is that the architect put the boards on the exterior deck the “wrong way”. so when you skate across the deck you’d hit all the seams.

  5. I believe they have to be that way for structural integrity. We skated on our back dack in west philly with boards going “the wrong way” and it wasn’t that bad. remember the ollie over two kegs from the steps? Or Dan’s epic drop-ins as well as his slam?

  6. I stayed up north on time and my friend had a bangin’ flatbar bolted to the floor of his apartment. Buttery ground…needless to say, he didn’t get his deposit back…Im sure he’d be jealous of this..I know I am.

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