This dude is holding down Love for real

17 thoughts on “This dude is holding down Love for real

  1. Salba came to shred the fountain. He didn’t get the memo that it was full…Bummer bro.

  2. Good call Stamos. Even the swine could post on the tube. A sting of epic proportions. Seriously Broseph has a helmet on. Whens the last time you took the advice of someone with a helmet?

  3. what incentive could a cop possibly have in posting this video on youtube? it’s just some chode, dudes.

  4. What incentive would a cop have breaking out his taser? It very well could be a cop. Everybody uses youtube.

  5. Good call Eric. Stamos wears a helmet and I’d never take his advice. Except about jalapeno and cheese stuffed sausages. Damn they’re good.

  6. Seriously, watch at least one video. It’s just some dad hangin’ with his kids. Get over it, it’s not a cop!!!

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