Back to the Berg was awesome

back to the berg - thrasher video

The Back to the Berg video is amazing!

This is what went down in order: Chris Cole – bs 360 (second try); Lizard King (Mike Plum) – bs 180 one foot; Nick Merlino – switch heel; Lindsey Robertson – bs heel; Lizard King – airwalk, ollie onto last stair; Jordan Hoffart – varial heel (hand drag, caught last step); Cody McEntire – big spin, Chris Cole – sw fs flip; Andrew Pott – hardflip.

Lizard King’s backside 180 One-Foot and Ollie to Disaster the last stair were my favorites.

lizard_1_footIs Lizard wearing a thing thong (thanks to everyone who pointed out yet another classic typo. shitgears)?


Chris Cole coming through with the Backside 360 and the Switch 180 flip is pretty intense as well. Good Job fellas.


16 thoughts on “Back to the Berg was awesome

  1. No argument. That back 360 was unbelievable. It takes a lot to overshadow a switch heel, bigspin, et…
    Also, I have been wondering too what the comparison to the Love gap is. I always thought maybe the Love gap is taller but Wallenberg is longer. Anybody in SF got a tape measure?

  2. Not to take away from the back 3, but I’m more impressed by any of the tricks where you have to land switch. BS Ollie north was fuckin nuts-o. Lizard king was definitely hailing Satan that day.

  3. I’m with Gerwer and Phelps in that I was REALLY hopin’ for the nollie heel or nollie kf, but I’m just being greedy! :)

    That bs 360 was absolutely NUTS…
    straight heroics right there.

    Every trick done was legendary.

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