Patrick Kerr Park/Roslyn opens July 31st


The Patrick Kerr Park/Roslyn is opening on Friday, July 31st. Word from Rory is that the township isn’t planning any big grand opening. I can’t wait to get some turns in.

“From the granite and marble ledges to the brick bank and the back yardish pools this park has something for everyone. Hope to see you there. Cheers!”

2818 Hammond Ave. Roslyn, PA is the address of the boys and girls club attached to Roslyn park. From the boys and girls club, walk across the baseball field and you’ll see the skate park next to the basketball court.

11 thoughts on “Patrick Kerr Park/Roslyn opens July 31st

  1. you can catch the 22 from broad and olney and thatll drop you off on easton road which is about 4 blocks from the park. you can also catch regional rail to the roslyn station and thats about 4 blocks from the park too. im not sure what train goes through roslyn though

  2. oh man! looks like i’m gonna hit this up too after pops next month! gonna be a good trip. philly’s getting some shit done!

    by the way we got a bunch of parks popping up here in eastern nc. got 2 grindline (maple/currituck, nags head) and artisan skateparks built manteo and just finished knotts island and are working on another in currituck. should be done soon!

    check out or for some info.

    i suggest coming down in sept or october. the weather is perfect and tourists are gone.

  3. I was just down in NC and hit up that Maple/Currituck park that bob clark was talkin about. SOO gnarly. Anyone hittin the outer banks needs to check that one out… regardless, so hype for PK Park!

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