Roslyn Skatepark coverage on NBC

Picture 4Thanks to Sabotage Online for posting up and sending this segment that NBC did on the Patrick Kerr Skatepark in Abington/Roslyn.

I only wish they would touch on the fact that the park has limited hours that are very inconsistent and therefore only makes the skate park a safe haven for skateboarders to stay off the streets when there is someone staffed to monitor the park. The park is fenced in while adjacent to a wide open, unsupervised basketball court and soccer field.

29 thoughts on “Roslyn Skatepark coverage on NBC

  1. I saw this on the news last night. They did a good job talking about the positive side of the park and giving the Kerr family a chance to say something special about Patrick. Great work Liz, Pat, TZ, Final Boarding and anyone else who really made that park happen. It’s totally worth going up and wearing a helmet to skate.

  2. You bring up the same view that I argue about the hours. If the park isn’t open all of the time or at least normal times ( morning till 8 or 9 with lights)how will it be effective in keeping people away from the places that the township does not want people to skate?

  3. Its really sad that Pennsylvania is known for its POOR skatepark designs, layouts and SLIPSHOD construction.

  4. True Dat!
    I overheard Omar Hassan at FDR Gravity Gaymes O5′ say- “Worst skatepark ever!”
    then proceed to win the contest! Ha

  5. kermit, scumi, and lonnie-
    first, grow some balls and figure out how to skate that type of stuff. PAs got sick shit. move to jersey if you want to bitch about my states skateparks. second, although the guys amazing, omar hassan is a bitch. The guy wont even skate contests if Benji Galloway enters cause he got ran into once by him.

  6. who gives a fuck if we have good or bad parks…we have parks, not into it, go somewhere else…

  7. 1. All skateparks should be designed by someone who can ollie.

    2. Make sure you can get a line to an obstacle and have room to ride away when you land.

  8. Park hours are consistent now. 11 Am till 7 PM every day. Just to clear that up. There was some confusion and very inconsistent hours, but it’s all sorted out now and from my knowledge, all of the attendants are skaters. Yes, they have to go by township rules, but it makes for a very relaxed session. Just remember… no place for hate.

  9. The hours are screwy cuz, we gets more pussy than they do!
    And we have George Foreman grill Jr.s as well!!!

  10. My pussy hurts. I can’t skate a park that’s not a DC plaza. And if we had one of those, I’d bitch about that, too!

    Seriously, if you’re gonna talk shit about FDR, Roslyn, York, or POP’s, you might as well hang up your skateboard now. These are the same brats who are scared to push down the street, because it’s “just cruising.” Do us a favor and quit skating. It’s only gonna get gnarlier.

  11. When I grew up we didn’t have skate parks in almost every township or bureau. Hell, nobody gave a shit. The few parks that did exist like Trashmore, reading, brick, and Cheapskates we needed someone with a car to get us there. So instead we spent hours on the street. Listening to people bitch about whether or not a park is good is just a joke to us old heads. Also, anyone who would bitch about FDR obviously don’t belong there, and should stay away.This new generation of skaters are to damn spoiled. Yes, I miss the old days, and yes, I walked two miles in the snow to school without any shoes. So shut up, stop complaining about every little thing, and just skate.


  12. The downside of “gnar” parks is that learning new tricks is a bitch, early grabs and footplants to tail start passing as legit tricks, and stinkbug frontsides are upper level shit.

    It gets embarrassing when when you go out west and the Barneys have properly boned airs and bs smiths on lock.

  13. I may or may not have a drinking problem and I still think all of you are fuckin stupid. Fuck off and go skate.

  14. Cramit…. I want to see your park designs, as well as your final product. Im no professional mason or designer but i tried to hack it. you couldnt do any better than any of these parks.

  15. i memba like fiddy iight or sumpin, yerdalak waz der and iight like right weez rollin up, stevie hardflip right like iight u aint hardflipp no moe foeshoo naa mean. Rolled out with a smille and halla atcha keedz and always wrap ya D. Shout out ta my BBall hommies and my white nigga Old Greg

  16. park is awsome

    quit cryin
    the park is there for patrick
    it kinda sucks that people get bummed
    i gotta wear a helmet
    weird hours
    whatever stuff
    bottom line
    shut up and skate

  17. Stamos said:
    skatings way more fun once you realize you suck.

    truer words have never been spoken

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