Pier 62 Skatepark in Manhattan

pier62_skateparkSomeone might want to tell Tony Hawk that this place is no secret. If it IS, I’m putting it on blast.

Pier 62 skate park that’s rumored to be a free public park after completion. More photos on the park development, including an even closer look inside the terrain will be up soon. The park is of course located in Manhattan, NY. The park may be mistaken as the Chelsea Piers skate park due to the location, but the Hudson River is city property that Chelsea leases and they gave back that particular pier which means, city owned and funded or free as it should be. – irollny.com

I am aware that is a “rollerblade” blog. I didn’t think kids actually still in-line skated to the extreme, but none the less, rad photos of this place. I found the link via Twitter a while back and never got around to making the post about it.

8 thoughts on “Pier 62 Skatepark in Manhattan

  1. beat up them bladers. good stuff still why would you want to even get to a skatepark if your in ny? thats like shopping at walmart when you have money for nordstroms. mehhhhh!!!!

  2. Shit looks so sick. Word is mandatory helmets like Owl’s Head, but it’s a small price to pay…

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