And the Focus Philly Skate Show is Complete

Red Bull Ramp disassembly at the Focus Philly Skate Show

Focus‘s Philly Skate Show is complete and it was a blast. We livestreamed as much as we could and got a few interviews in as well thanks to Nick Zegel. Once I get the archives of the live stream sorted out, I’ll post about it.

Leo Heinert won the mini-ramp contest. Kyle Nicholson got third. I’m not sure who second place was (Sorry). Speaking of Kyle, the first result in a google image search for Kyle Nicholson is a real throwback from 2004 (3rd Lair Damn Am 2004). Wow.

Luis Tolentino won the High Ollie Contest at I believe 41″ or 42″. He tied the record recently in Tampa at 44.5″ but was feeling a bit under the weather and wasn’t able to match that. Nevertheless, that dude has a mean ollie for sure. I have video of the High Ollie Contest that still needs to be captured so stay tuned.

Below is another timelapse video, this time of the disassembling of the ramp.

Happy New Year!

19 thoughts on “And the Focus Philly Skate Show is Complete

  1. Merlino…once again…blew it. He (and his YES men) got rowdy, and got the boot. Then smashed my homie’s window and got their assed kicked for it.

    His actions help him get the reputation he has for being a fucking idiot. I think he’s an amazing skater, with the wrong people around him…

    The Focus show was awesome. It was WAAAAAY better than I ever expected. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Bigger and better.

    East coast STAND UP!!

  2. ki, the picture painted in my mind from that story will forever make me smile.. cept bout ur homies window

  3. Thanks for everyone coming out to the show, and to everyone that helped make it happen!

    Eric, sorry about the ollie contest… we held out as long as we could, unfortunately vendors started packing up early. It was a do “now or never” situation, so we went for it. Just something to prepare for on our end for next time and one of the learning experiences from doing our first-ever event.

  4. Yea good job to all involved. I ve been in bed since my unfortunate accidents in the miniramp contest. Broken toe, concussion, and back pain that would make your daddy cry. To all filmers at the show i would love to see what happend since i cant remember anything after my blow to the head. East Coast on the rise.

  5. Jesse, there is footage up from the livestream at if you click on latest videos. It would be in the one of the last 2 videos on day 1. I’ll see if I can’t find the part where it happened. Hopefully we got it. The quality isn’t too great but you can pretty much see what is going on. I’ll be labeling the videos a little better when I get the chance but I’m a little busy right now to watch that much footage.

    Hope you heal up fast, homie. Good skating out there!

  6. Looking for info about the fight.

    I know the guy Rob Fall (rob fall 337 society hill blvd cherry hill nj 08003) was the guy who smeared blood on purpose on one of my hand painted decks. Later he punched me in face and two of his friends were hitting me too, i was also hit with skateboard. I just got back from doctors and i have a fractured bone in my leg.

    Besides my painting being ruined this is costing me a lot of money, i dont have health insurance and xrays and doctor visit cost a lot.

    Rob Fall is also the dude who smashed the window. If anyone saw who the other two guys were who hit me or knows their names i’d appreciate the info, so i can possibly take this further.


  7. Damn Alex, that stinks. I could only imagine what provoked that shit. I don’t condone violence in any sense of the word..HOWEVER…If you know who did you dirty and where he lives…well………

    I don’t know if I know exactly who this “Rob Fall” kid is…but he’s got an ass whoopin’ comin. THat was my homie who he fucked with…and just like rap music on VH1….we don’t play that shit.

  8. Damn, you dont fuck with OGs like that and get away with it. Alex, i got your back homie. Just like everyone else. Fuck this guy. Show your face around, straight get murdered. Cha to you pussy hole blot clot faggots who want to start shit and ruin someones (another skateboarders) work then act violent. Got another thing coming. Karma will catch up.

  9. Someone said the dude who hit me with a board and fractured my bone might of been Merlino. I don’t know for sure because i was on the ground with two dudes on me and couldn’t see when this coward hit me. Hopefully someone near by saw and can let me know for sure who this dick was.

  10. Merlino? Coward. I’m sorry I ever backed that kid. Wedgewood Jeff is my homie, Alex Duke’s a homie….I can’t have shit like this go down on my watch. Leave it to this kid to fuck shit up for everyone.. (his antics helped cause shit to get shut down for the night)

  11. lil jeff got a damn fever from drivin home with no window! And i really wanted to see that focus vid

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