Skate N Slay at Mad River Tonight

Mike Mazur of Focus has been hosting a bar/skate night at Mad River in Old City, They have a spine ramp to session and drink specials. There have been guest bartenders as well. I believe it’s every Tuesday night.

$2 Mixed Wells

Spine ramp is back in action

Last week they had a flatbar. No idea if that will be there again this week. I think I might check it out tonight.

This is last week’s flyer. Justin isn’t guest bartending tonight.

[Update] I lifted this photo of Kyle Nicholson rocking a Benihana on the spine ramp from the Nocturnal site but Greg mentions in the comments that “your you’re(edit) only allowed to to do(edit) lip tricks on the spine or you get yelled at… apparently its to loud?” I didn’t make it out on Tuesday so I’m not sure what the deal is. I’m gonna try to make it out next week.

[Update 2] Skip Millard Guest Bartending 4/13

8 thoughts on “Skate N Slay at Mad River Tonight

  1. I read this post on Wednesday and missed out. Is the ramp skateable on other nights or only on Tuesday? So how is it?

  2. Saw pics on Nocturnal site. It’s a spine quarter pipe and a flat bar inside the bar. So it’s not like they have a ramp out back or something. Still looks fun. Next week.

  3. Greg, I’m not surprised they yelled at you. Don’t you skate like a maniac with one of the worst styles ever. You scare me watching you skate. Weren’t you also kicked out of the warehouse for doing some stupid shit! Stop trying to ruin it for everyone like you almost did there.

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