Skate & Slay again tonight – Guest Bartender Skip Millard

5 thoughts on “Skate & Slay again tonight – Guest Bartender Skip Millard

  1. haha I just saw some tough guy tryin to shit talk me. Awsome. I guess if you want to be an internet tough guy thats cool. I’m actually stoked on the fact that you said I skate like a maniac and it scares you. i’m flattered you noticed. Don’t play it safe kids!

  2. Considering they only have skate night on Tuesday’s, I understand why Mr. Anonymous got booted. I would ONLY go to Mad River if it was a a skate night.

  3. Good point Haveboard will skate. I mean, it was kick ball night. The pickens were slim. DUde was like, You cant be in here with that skateboard. I was like. Okay, bye. Then he mocked me, “Okay bye.” i felt discriminated against. it was a bad feeling.

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