Yo Gabba Gabba Vans

Vans has teamed up with the awesome kids show “Yo Gabba Gabba” to make a series of sneakers along with some really good commercials. The skate commercial’s include Hosoi, Bucky, and Plex sessioning a pool as well as Muno cruising around the streets.

Ray Barbee and Tony Hawk have both made appearances on the show in the past. Goldchain‘s kid can’t seem to get enough of the Micro Site and neither can my niece. There is also a surfing, motocross, and bmx commercial (set to “Send Me an Angel“). They are all pretty well done and entertaining even if you don’t have kids.
[UPDATE]: via @VANS_66:

@lakeeriemonster @tweetskate muno was ron cameron, plex was alex perelson & jared mel was toodee;) link

@lakeeriemonster @tweetskate ahem* so they could be stunt doubles of course. muno, plex, & toodee did most of it themselves, obviously.) link

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