Don’t call it a comeback

Gonzo pole jamming at FDR

I’m turning the site back on in the hopes that it will motivate me to start getting involved in skateboarding again. I’ve been injured but I’m all healed up now. I also hope to build some new features into the site to get people more easily involved. I’m open to suggestions, as always.

Everyone that had a username in the past should still be able to log in or at least reset their passwords and then log in. You can access the login from the menu at the top now as well.

If you want to submit a post without creating an account or logging you can use the submit page.

As always, this whole thing will be a work in progress. I’m not even sure if everything is working properly. If you try something and it’s broke, let me know in the comments.

Right now the site is using a simple responsive wordpress theme but I hope to get something custom going at some point.

As for the photo above, it’s an instagram of a video still I took of Gonzo for our last east coast session at FDR before he moved to Califorina.

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  1. Things are still a little wack. Even if you log in or register you won’t be able to post until I build that page. Browse the archives in the meantime. There are other bugs I’m trying to work out.

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