Get your vote on for the X Games Real Street Fan Favorite

I just voted in round one of the XGames Real Street Fan Favorite.

My picks:

  • Bobby Worrest (for the ollie onto the car, 360 ollie to tailslide, & the crazy fs wallride)
  • Fred Gall (I hope he takes it all!)
  • Taylor Bingaman (for the cab to over fs crooks and the 360 flip fakie on the tiled transition)
  • Manny Santiago (for the nose manual to nollieflip nose slide)
  • Joey Pepper (for the curb cut ollie to fs wallride on the door thing)
  • Silas Baxter-Neal (for the trick at the ABQ bank)
  • Nick Merlino (mostly because I dislike Nyjah)
  • Chris Haslam (for the crazy double board tricks & crook to feeble down the jawn)

$50,000 goes to a winner selected by a panel of judges and the Fan Favorite also gets $50,000.

What are your picks and why?

Voting dates:

Opening Round: June 5-11

Quarterfinals: June 12-18

Semifinals: June 19-25

Finals: June 26-July 1

via Summer X Games Los Angeles 2012 Real Street – ESPN.

UPDATE: Appparently you can vote daily according to Bobby Worrest.

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