Missed Connection with Grom Moms & Dads?

Grom Dad seeks Grom Mom! I doubt I have any readers who are at the age where their parents still drive them to the skatepark to hang out & watch but just in case, maybe you could hook your mom/dad up with each other. Just think, if your parents hook up, you now have an additional ride to the park as well as someone else to shred with all the time. Also, Mom & Dad won’t be as miserable (until shit hits the fan). Maybe this could even spawn a real life skate themed version of Stepbrothers.

Full Text:

Sunday at Franklin Mills skatepark – m4w – 45 (Franklin Mills)
Date: 2012-07-09, 7:18PM EDT

You were sitting there watching your son scooter. When I got back from taking my son for some lunch you were gone. I was really hoping to talk to you. If you by some slim chance happen to read this I’d love to hear from you. Tell me something from there so I know its you.

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