Busenitz is the Wallie World Cup Champ

The Wallie World Cup is right up my alley. You know how much I love wallie’s.

The Wallie World Cup 2012 occured outside the Bright Trade Show in Berlin and you can watch the video below where Dennis Busenitz takes the title with a 115cm (~3’10”) wallie. Damn that’s big.

The concept was simple Wallie over a barrier and you become the champion of the world. The MC, Lev Tanju of Palace Skateboards, was complete comedy. Everyone had three tries to get over the barrier and when those were used up and more attempts were needed, the kind hearted, Lev facilitated with a nice cold one. For some the strength of German Beer didn’t help them get over but for others the combination of light feet and alcohol made the task easy to accomplish.
Starring: Pontus Alv, Dennis Busenitz, Jason Adams, Dennis Laas, Guy with Energy Drink Hat, Curly Haired Kid, White Shirt, The Australian and many others who I couldn’t give nicknames too
FILM/EDIT: Sean Nguyen

World Record Wallie Contest from The Skateboard Mag on Vimeo.


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