Clyde’s Corner returns on with the Ten Worst Tricks in Skateboarding part 2

If you remember Clyde’s Corner in TWS where we were blessed with the Top Ten Tricks in Skateboarding. Clyde Singleton is back on & brings us the Ten Worst Tricks in Skateboarding part 2. The list is below but you’ll have to visit to see Clyde’s explanation as to why these tricks suck. And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you disagree because Clyde is cooler than you!

  1. Manual-to-Wallride
  2. Double Flips
  3. Crooked Grind to Fakie
  4. Skating a Bank Like It’s Coping
  5. 5-0 Grind to Switch Crooked GrindLazerflip
  6. Tricks into/off of Metal Grates and onto Walls, off Ledges, or Equivalent Corniness
  7. Firecracker
  8. 180 Flip Tricks Over Poles
  9. Hippie Jump
  10. Honorable mentions: The unnecessary boneless, late-flips, pivot-to-tail on a mini-ramp, pushing down the street, and no-comply pole jam.


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