SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona

Josh Stewart’s newest episode of SKATE is out and this time it’s with Quim in Newark, NJ. Regular readers should already know what a big fan I am of Quim.

My favorite part is when he is walking in the street and a car beeps at him and he turns around to reply “You’re on your phone?!” I do that all the time. If you are driving a car and you beep  your horn at someone while on the phone, you are a douchebag.

SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona – YouTube.

2 thoughts on “SKATE Newark, NJ with Quim Cardona

  1. One time my dad left his car unlocked in Newark, with the keys in the ignition. Bet’cha can’t guess what happened!

  2. I bet someone jacked your car. I’m gonna take the keys out the ignition and lock the car when I go to Street League dis year!! 8/25 @ prudential. psyched!

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