fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 video recap

Last weekend there was a Drunk Vs. Sober contest. I didn’t make it down to the park on time to see it but there’s a video from the event that was jsut posted by exploitationvm.com. It looked like everyone was ripping and having a good time.

FDR Skatepark Drunk vs Sober 2012 brought to you by Vans, Nike SB, Scum Skates, Fourstar Apparel, Exploitationvm.com, Emerge Movement, Sly Fox Brewing Company, Elsewear Apparel, and Bones
film/edit Christian Hunsberger
Canone rebel t3i 600d
ef-s 18-135mm lens 0.45x
final cut pro

fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 – YouTube.

One thought on “fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 video recap

  1. They should have had a breathalyzer on site and made Team Drunk blow over the legal limit throughout the contest. Sortof like an alcoholic version of the movie Speed.

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