Paine’s Park Ground Breaking Ceremony Today

Paine’s Park ground breaking ceremony was today and was there to “cover the action!” Check out the poorly shot video of the ceremonial dig moment below & scroll down the rest of the page to see photos so you can pretend like you were there. It was great seeing everyone that came out!

The sign (seen above) is now facing the road & not the bike path.

Mayor Nutter was not in attendance but Councilman Oh ironically showed up.

The Podium

 The Renderings

 The Dig Spot

Hard Hats. Safety First.

The Speeches!


The Crowd

The Dig!

Post Dig

 The Aftermath

The Random Longboard table?

6 thoughts on “Paine’s Park Ground Breaking Ceremony Today

  1. As much as I have my own old-man gripes about the layout, I am heartened by the rumor that dudes like Peabody and The Gut are on the building crew. Sneak some tranny in for us buds! Also, thanks to Josh and Franklin’s Paine. Whatever complaints people might have, they’re building a skatepark. It might not be the park I’d like to see, but it’s a goddamn skatepark. Thanks everybody.

  2. We totally need to change the design and add a kidney bowl… just kiddin’. Does anybody know when the actual hardscaping and pre-construction will start?

  3. I stopped up there today. There’s an office trailer now, with some of the big trees marked as to which are staying and which are going. It’s sad to see so many big trees with Xs spraypainted on them, but I know they’re planting a ton more. Shit’s off and running!

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