Required Watching

Thrasher posted an Ishod Wair remix part from the best skate video that’s been released in recent memory: Sabotage 3. Here’s the embed from Thrasher’s site. FYI, Thrasher (if you’re reading this), y’all gotta simplify that embed code. It’s mad bonkers. Anyway, yeah, that Sabotage video is dope, and it is well worth the 15$ investment. Can I get a digital download, tho. DVDs are out like Osiris D3’s. Can’t believe they still make those things. There is one criticism I must make in regards to the Sabotage video: not enough O.G. Philly heads in there.

The other jawn is a Willy Akers clip from Lucky Bearings. Willy kills it. That’s all I got to say about that. You watch now. Peace

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