Required Watching

Thrasher posted an Ishod Wair remix part from the best skate video that’s been released in recent mem­ory: Sabotage 3. Here’s the embed from Thrasher’s site. FYI, Thrasher (if you’re read­ing this), y’all gotta sim­plify that embed code. It’s mad bonkers. Anyway, yeah, that Sabotage video is dope, and it is well worth the 15$ invest­ment. Can I get a dig­i­tal down­load, tho. DVDs are out like Osiris D3’s. Can’t believe they still make those things. There is one crit­i­cism I must make in regards to the Sabotage video: not enough O.G. Philly heads in there.

The other jawn is a Willy Akers clip from Lucky Bearings. Willy kills it. That’s all I got to say about that. You watch now. Peace

Speaking of Love Park

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first two tricks are wild.

Old and blurry skate photos

Recently, I moved across the coun­try, and in the process of doing that I found a box of old blurry skate pho­tos. In keep­ing with the tra­di­tion of high qual­ity mediocre con­tent I am post­ing them here.

I’m pretty sure that’s Brandon. I can’t tell because the photo is real blurry. #blurryskatephotos

Brandon’s Brother’s Friend doing a Kickflip.

You clearly can’t tell this is Brannon John mid back lip at 360 skatepark.

Jay Farley kick­flip at the Gorge. Sorry for blow­ing this photo, Jay

Jerm with a pointed back truck grind thing. It’s not quite a smith, but then again it’s barely even a photo because of the lack of focal length.

I have stolen your soul, Mark Lamboy. Even if it is scarcely visible.

some young lit­tle shred­der who is prob­a­bly a lot older and a lot bet­ter now. i never got this kid’s name, and nor would I remem­ber. my mem­ory is hazy.

Random hero at the city hall six. This looks like an Emerica ad. I call it art.

Rich Adler. High speed back smith at Love. This was taken just after they put the planters in the flatground.

BBQ Grillmaster Ry Manos holds it down while Ron Gordon blasts over the bar­ri­cade. At least I think that’s Ry and Ron. It’d be eas­ier to see if the pho­tog­ra­pher wasn’t so bad at tak­ing photos.

Mark Hart f/​s ollie FDR mini. If I knew how to work a cam­era right then this photo would have come out sick.

this one isn’t blurry! stop look­ing at the inter­net already.

“Children of Clay” première this Friday


Folks — 

I have found out very last minute that my friend Jon Bocksel’s new film “Children of Clay” is going to be screened Friday May 29th at 8pm.

The film is a super 8mm mon­tage of crusty side­walks, ele­gant high­ways, teenage rebel­lion, skate­board­ing, junk piles, tires, spills, thrills and
chills that make up our con­tem­po­rary land­scape. This event is free
and there will be a merch table so you can buy some zines and stuff.

401 Broadway
@ Walker st. (canal)
Friday, May 29th 8pm