Cliche video premiere tonight at Tattooed Mom


Nocturnal‘s comeback is a great thing as we are once again treated to a video premiere at TMoms¬†after last week’s Deathwish Premiere.

Tonight starting at 9 is the premiere of the Cliche Video. Word is they will start it at 9 and play it over and over all night. I like this format, as I tend to not make it to things on time.

Lucas Puig
Sammy Winter
Pete Eldridge
JB Gillet
Flo Mirtain
Charles Collet
Lem Villemin
Javier Mendizabal
Jeremie Daclin
Andrew Brophy
Daniel Espinoza
Joey Brezinski
Adrien Coillard
Max Geronzi
Kevin Bradley.

Filmed and directed by Boris Proust

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