Bing Streetside vs haveboard

bing vs. haveboard

Some time over this past year I found myself skating from Center City to South Philly and happened to encounter the Bing Streetside car filming in old city.

bing vs. haveboard close up

I chased the bing car from 2nd and Market to 2nd and Chestnut or Walnut but unfortunately only the first glimpse of me has been updated in Old City as seen above.

Fortunately that same day on the same skate I crossed paths again with the bing car at 4th and Christian where I was able to chase it down for the entire block until we got to Washington and we had to part and go our separate ways. That bit of Bing Streetside (it’s tough to resist the urge to write ‘google streetview’) has been updated and I put together a quick video of the stills the whole way down the block below.



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